The High Priestess

  1. The high priestess
    “The next card is that of the high priestess. She sits on a throne. Behind her between the two columns is a curtain, behind which a sea is visible. It is the sea of ​​the soul. The two pillars, Jachim and Boas, represent the entrance to the Blessed Sacrament in the Temple of Solomon. She carries a book on her lap that bears the name Torah. What does this card say after the magician? “” The passive principle? “” Yes, it is a medium. It receives the spirit of the fool who has been transformed into a message by the magician. This message goes through all stages of creation until it becomes the letters of a book. But the transformation of the mind doesn’t end there. Now the high priestess must read the book of truth, let it sink into herself, digest it until it has been made gnosis, knowledge. If she has found inner enlightenment through the message, it becomes a boat with which she can sail over the sea of ​​the soul. ”
    “Which book should I read to find the knowledge?”
    He smiled. “There is a book of life that you have to find alone. But there is something else. The high priestess is the first female figure in our series. She should have been standing in front of the magician. It picks up what spirit and knowledge it expresses. It is a much purer medium for the fool who takes the knowledge from his heights than the magician. Your mind sees everything as a reflection of the inner world. That is the real gnosis. Everything I see reflects my thoughts. This is the book of life, the outside world, which is understood as a mirror of your own mind. The seated woman listens to herself and hears the voice of God speaking to her about his love for her. She read the book to find her way back to God or wrote it after receiving an inner message from God to show other people the way to God.