Templar Travels

There are many places where the Knights Templar could have been, from Ethiopia to the Americas. In Roslyn Chapel close to Edinburgh/Scotland, for example, we see features of corn and other American plants. The Westford Knight stone may be an indication of a journey overseas. A friend told me about the Tehuelche people of Patagonia/Argentina, who are reappearing back into history. They recover their lost spiritual wisdom via dreams and visions, as it has been prophesied earlier. They told the people of the zoo of Buenas Aires, who work on a successful project of reintroducing condors to the Atlantic side of Patagonia, that they have a thread of oral traditions, leading centuries back, which states memories of good relationships with the Knights Templars in the thirteen century and even later. The Knights must, therefore, have sailed the whole eastern coast of the Americas up and down. Maybe that is why the ships of Colombo who had a similar cross on their sails thanks to the Portuguese Knights of Christ, where received first with trust, which he misused with cruelty.

In the late twenties and early thirties, I was obsessed with the Templars and the Grail. We traveled to Scotland with my friends, following the outlined stories and places of the book of Henry Lincoln “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” and “The Temple and the Lodge”. On old cemeteries, I scraped grass from old tombstones and found Skull and bones and freemason gravings for sure. We visited the castle of the Campbells of who Henry Lincoln and his co-author thought they may have sheltered some fleeing Knights Templar of France in 1307. Indeed there are some signs of that within the castle. Later when I was introduced into a family of descendants of the Campbells who traveled over five hundred years during their history first to Sicilia and later to Brazil I discovered the Cross of the Campbell on their blankets again. The elderly women made these blankets until the 1980´s without knowing the meaning of the crosses.

We live here close to the Languedoc, a region rich of legends, ruins, and myths of the Knights Templar, the Cathars, and Mary Magdalene.

A little town called “Les Saint Maries de la Mer” (Southern France) is the place where according to legend the women Maria Salmone, Santa Sara (the patron of the Gypsies) Mary Magdalene,  Lazurus, and others landed after fleeing from Palästina. Here hold the Gypsies still their yearly meetings and celebration on May 24 each year.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Sarah

There are also places of the Cathars to visit in the Pyrenes. these are the only “real” remains of the Cathar culture, their houses and castle are ruin right now, but the caves prevailed.

The highest energy I ever have felt was in tree place, all related with Christ: First in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, second in Santiago de Compostella/North/West-Spain at the end of the St.James way and third in Caravaca de la Cruz in Southern Spain.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem

Even though the story of the apostle’s James dead body washed onto the beach of Galicia within a boat made of stone, does not sound very likely to be true, but whatever the true story behind it is, “Energy does not lie”. To pray on the apostle’s tomb was the most intense experience I had.

A friend of mine was invited into the octagon of Eunate by a France man, who claimed to be a Knight Templar. His said about St. James “We put him there”. Whatever, he is there and that is a miracle by itself including the experience of taken care of and universal alignment during the pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago.

At Caravaca de la Cruz they expose a piece of the Holy Cross, allegedly discovered by Saint Helena, the mother of Constantin the Great who converted Christianity into the cult of the Roman Empire in the fourth century. Even though this discovery is also very unlike to be true, (the tools for crucifixion where the property of the Roman administration and probably used and used again) this energy is profoundly high and deep at the same time. And I don´t say that it´s fun to stay in this intensity for to long, but an encounter with the holy is always nurturing our soul.

These are only examples of possibilities of past and future adventures and discoveries, we may assist you with. But most of all share your own experiences with traveling into nature or history, because the most interesting thing is not the past, because its over, but how we sense our own soul, the smells, the colors, the tastes, the feelings and encounters with strangers on our own ( daily) journeys. To remember that we are beings of Spirit and Light is important and can be intensified by pilgrimage and traveling to the right places.