Spirituality and Healing


With Inner Flow Soul Recovery I offer a new method of treatment. The aim here is to bring all aspects of your soul which may be separeted from your awareness and are present in other dimesions, beyond your reach, back into the wholeness of you. These lost parts of you contain feelings of traumata and need to be cleansed first and than returned. The outcome of this therapy will be, that you feel bigger and more whole than before. The gaps in your net which made intrusions of strange energies possible will be closed. Your energy level will increase and your health will be increased and recovered if possible. I ask you to send me a request to stellaazul@gmail.com with two pictures, one of your face, the other of a little cristal like amethyst or rose quarz which you need to carry with you for a month, in order to open the gate for the cosmic healing energies for you. I ask of a donation between 20 and 100 Dollar/Euro of you.