We all start our life with a grand vision.

Sadly, this vision starts fading away from the moment we begin our education. Whatever remains of it gets lost over years of often feeling completely helpless to face the real challenges of life.

Too often…

  • we want to continue playing our victim role and we are just looking for a “bandage” to cover our symptoms
  • diagnostic options are too limited to detect the true causes
  • people buy medications for the desired effects on their symptoms but get stuck with complex side effects
  • we do not satisfy our desire to explore and ask why? what for? and whose issue?

Healing was once and art, and it can become one again.

(That’s why German physician Uwe Albrecht created innerwise.)

Complex situations call for systematic analysis and therapy

Our world is becoming faster, more complex and more interconnected.

At the same time, we are becoming conscious of more and more levels and dimensions and their interactions.

Diagnostic and therapeutic systems are useful in limited ways:

Laboratory testing only takes biochemistry into account and does not even detect disruptions until organs have already lost half their functionality. In other words, laboratory testing is not an early warning system – it’s a late warning system.

Ultrasound and x-ray consider only physical structure and cannot detect any object with a cross section smaller than 5 mm – which is equal to 2-4 million cells. Who wants to wait that long?

Psychologists examine mental and emotional states. However, the energetics in the background which produces these states are almost always ignored.

Reincarnation therapists travel through the worlds of the soul, sometimes getting lost and sometimes providing their clients with plenty of excuses for their bad behavior in this life. Occasionally, the healing they provide can be right on the mark.

Specialists can also successfully heal their patients sometimes.

But what we need is a holistic system and persons with wide-ranging knowledge, and who perceive and treat the human being as a whole. Innerwise  is this system

Treating symptoms makes no sense; the wisdom is: getting to the sources


We always deal with three levels of observation:

  1. The surface – you could also call this the “symptom.”
  2. The malfunctions taking place below the surface
  3. The true causes behind all of this.


Discovering and clearing the true causes is wise and brings healing.
Correcting the malfunctions is good therapeutic work.

Simply pushing back against symptoms makes no sense.


Innerwise: The great exploration on all levels

To recognize the causes we need to take a holistic view of the human being, integrating all levels of existence equally: structure, biochemistry, rhythms, the mental, the emotional, the energetic, the soul and the unknown.

Innerwise has produced or refined tools with the necessary quality:

  • the arm-length and finger test for precise testing, which keeps the left hemisphere of the brain happy
  • a spherical vision for objective test results
  • tools for very high-precision sensing, feeling and perceiving, which keep the right hemisphere of the brain happy
  • Imago work for grasping complex systems and situations
  • Tester cards for pinpointing issues and points of influence.


All the tools provide insights on every level, inviting all of us to take part in a great expñoration of life.


Remedies as gateways:

The wise have always seen remedies as living beings and thanked them whenever they were helpful.

Remedies are living beings with very strong characters.

If we turn to them with kind intentions and ask for help, they are happy to oblige.

This has nothing to do with shamanism or esoterica, it’s simply a matter of putting aside human arrogance.

Everything is alive and, in essence, everything is sound.

That means that also remedies are complex, intelligent frequency patterns.

So, as a therapist, you are a composer and a conductor who creates and plays a healing symphony from these sounds.

Innerwise helps clients to find a new dance in life.

Multipotency is the magic word

Remedies of the past come with specific skillsets.

Some of them work on the structural level, some in biochemistry, others in the emotional realm. That may be tidy, but it’s not good. It means these remedies are specialists instead of generalists.

Once we start looking at issues on all levels, from the structure to the soul, we also need remedies that can impact all levels, otherwise, our entire, beautiful, holistic analysis is no use to anybody.

As living beings, each remedy is a generalist and feels at home on all levels.

Yet, we can only use this quality if we set them free from their prisons so they can live and offer their full potency.

For that, we need gateways through which we can reach the remedies.

These can, for example, be geometric structures. Through these, we can upload individual issues we’ve discovered and received from the living being of the remedy a download containing the individualized answer.

It’s best to select remedies intuitively so their energy is a perfect match for the energy of the issue.

This is how information medicine works.

This is how innerwise works.

One session on Skype/personal coasts 50€/60$.