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The origin of the tarot is unknown and is surrounded by legends. It is said to have come from Egypt, was brought by Hermes or brought from India by the Gypsies, but the fact is that this extension of the traditional “Skat leaf” appeared in Europe until the mid-15th century. Its purpose was unknown because it was not suitable as a game. Perhaps we have also lost the original rules of the game. However, it can be assumed that a secret spiritual group that operated under the radar of the Inquisition in the back room of a relatively independent city like Venice issued these cards as a blueprint of their teachings. With great success. Since the twenty-two major Arcana was associated with the twenty-two paths of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life in the middle of the 19th century, an almost unlimited cosmos of meanings and cross-connections to mysticism, alchemy, Greek classical music, to the occultists and all truth seekers has opened up Egyptian mysteries, the teachings of Hermesianism and other knowledge of Western philosophy. There were and are spiritual groups who used the tarot as the basis of all their teachings and found a good framework for all their meditation and rituals, such as the Rosicrucian group of which Valentin Tomberg wrote, which he found in the pre-revolutionary St. Peterburg. This raises the question of whether everything has already been written about these cards. We don’t think so. There are always new keys to penetrate their bottomless symbolism and healing power, like this little book that wants to give the reader new insights into these catalysts of inner growth. The Great Arcana can indeed give us the path to awakening and happiness. Their teachings are very specific and revolutionary if we understand them. They do not speak of general spiritual places, as they were sometimes stirred up in the New Age, but point us to the narrow path that only a few find. Happiness cannot be achieved alone. Happiness arises through cooperation between people and the divine forces that protect and guide us. Happiness doesn’t have to be recreated. It lights up when its conditions are met. This little book describes encounters with a tarot master in a small town in Catalonia. The ancient teachings of the initiates about man and the cosmos can take the reader on a path to more self-confidence, meaning and success in life. As with other books by Peter Bernhard, these fascinating teaching conversations are framed by personal experiences and practical exercises.

0 The Fool
Some time ago I left Germany and rented a house in a small medieval town near Barcelona. Let’s call it Muramanga. It is located in a valley, surrounded by rounded, steep sandstone cliffs. Whoever is destined to find it will enter it. A stream flows calmly past the place. It dries out sometimes in the summer months, but mostly it lasts all year round. I had enough money not to have to work. Nevertheless, I was looking for a job and gave a few German lessons every week in some companies in Barcelona. But my problems didn’t want to leave me. I still suffered from the same symptoms as in Germany: inner wasteland, senselessness, self-doubt and listlessness. This little town where I now lived was also known for its Kabbalah experts, who met in secret circles and also offered their help to paying customers. They were said to be the descendants of those people who had fled here from Languedoc during the French Albigensian Crusade. One day I was recommended a man who was considered an expert in these matters. It turned out that the world was smaller than I suspected, because it was an old acquaintance from the Way of St. James that I had been looking for since I was in Spain. When I knocked on his door and he opened it, I actually recognized my beloved teaching. I was speechless. “Carlos!” “Bernhard! I’ve seen you walk around here a few times and wondered when you would find me. ”Tears came to my eyes. “Wow, Carlos, I thought you were gone. I often think of our time on the Camino and enjoy my money from Berlin. The gold did not come to the surface without your help. ”I was referring to an earlier adventure in which I had become rich. Carlos nodded, laughing. “Yes, yes, the gold from the bunkers. There are still secrets in the depths. I want to make you another offer. ”I looked at him expectantly. “Another story, a new trip?” “Yes, it is. They are secrets of the Great Arcana of the Tarot, as passed down in our brotherhood. ”