Many have started a different life, freer from the past and healed of the wounds. Gratulations! This Therapy (based on the new German „Inner-Wise“ system) is for all who want to be more present and are ready to let go of their old games, agreements and everything that keeps them from being 100% available right here and now. This system works with portals and intelligent energies of stones, plants, animals, numbers, geometric shapes, and spirits. In other words, we work with beings and forces from the higher dimensions of clear light who are eager to help us all. This can help anyone who wants to be more attuned to his divine purpose.

The crystals on the bracelets work as portals for these healing energies. It is important that these energies have dealt with personally because there are thousands of them available but only some are needed for healing on each step of further integration and tuning of Body/Soul/Mind. If you are interested, please follow these steps:

1. Get a bracelet. 2. Send a photo of your bracelet and yourself to me. 3. I will send the right healing energies that will work during for the next weeks on you. The bracelet will hold the energies for you and will keep in contact with your body. You want to carry this crystal around with you day and night (close to your body) until the integration of the healing energies has occurred. After this, you can ask for another session on another issue.

This “Soul-Tuning” can help with different problems on different levels. They can be spiritual, energetical, psychological, emotional or physical problems, negative thought patterns, bad feelings, etc. It can also be a vague feeling of inner absence or tidiness which may be replaced by the sense of a more open and vast presence. I can´t guarantee any physical change in the body though. But I can guarantee that the energetic causes of your main problems will be neutralized. 

We can become attuned to the higher part of ourselves who knows what we have to learn and to do today. Life can be like flowing down a quiet river being certain of protection, surrounding love and certain guidance all the time.

During the Soul-Tuning session will some main issues/knots of the following themes be looked at and cleared as much as one is ready to let go off: 1.Games: Offender-Victim, 2. The Now: Positive and negative hang-ups, 3. The Here: past and future senseless realities, 4. The Self: Sound, Identity, Soul, Betrayal, foreign energies, and incompleteness in past and future, 5. Game over: Living power over control, allowing power over control, 6. Thank you life for everything: Energy-Life-Love, Humility, Acceptance, Embracing life, Self-love, Integrity, Price: 99$

The clearing session gives space for three clearings of different themes like: organs, places, relationships with people, money, success, happiness, body, health, etc. I will draw a circle with the client and the theme (for example success) and I will look if something is between you and your goal like a wall, guilt, a spirit of one ancestor, an intruder etc., The intruders will be either health or send to the fire of the sun. After that, your space should feel clearer and things should move easier. It is possible though that other issues come up first. Many times we hide our true strategies of avoidance from our selves in order not see what is going on in our lives. When we want to have more things in our lives we have to let go old things to make space. When we want to feel safer and happier we have to learn to listen and to feel deeper until we find true happiness under our pain or disappointments. Price 50$

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Origin of this therapy:

We can become attuned to the higher part of ourselves who knows what we have to learn and to do today. Life can be like flowing down a quiet river being certain of protection, surrounding love and certain guidance all the time.

Peter, Thank you for my session! I was in a very stuck and difficult place the past two days, with some old wounds coming up that I couldn’t release on my own. Your session was felt immediately. Even Steve commented on my energy shift before he knew you had done the work. This is a really powerful gift. Thank you again. R.

I have been working with Peter since … and wow! what a shift! I expressed where I was, where I felt stuck and where I wanted to be, Peter shared the process he uses with me and asked me to choose a stone. I am working with my 3rd issue and the clarifications, unsticking, and letting go have come easily and with great insight. Thank you, Peter, for sharing your gifts with me; I am honored to walk with you on this planet! S.