The world reaches a crescendo

“The world reaches a crescendo in which the forces of good and evil will meet in daylight for the first time after long periods of obscurity. The dark forces have always drawn their power from hidden actions. They have no power in the light of the day. Their arguments why you should be content with the crumbs they throw at you as a substitute for love now seems ridiculous. That is why I say stop in the light, in the light of your own soul, not in the light of others. God is within you, he is the source of light and he does not need any outside authority. You are now free to walk the path of peace when you put your anger behind you. Burn your addiction to be right and to judge and only care about your own inner peace, you have enough to do with that. Listen and follow your breath and allow it to draw you into the present again and again. Also, any other impression, pleasant or unpleasant, can fulfill the same function if you want it to. To be conscious here-now is all it takes to be happy. This is hard to believe, but true. The truth is simple because God is simple.”

Light in the Threshold Time

Three of us managed to see the master around his cave which is on a different location so to speak. When I call my friend to visit him we have to tune in before we even start the car. The master is always tuned as if he is connected to the current of the earth and also the heavens. He listens also to the Spirit from above within in his own heart which was the ability of the old knights.

But we are not connected yet and sometimes have to spend hours in order to look for him. When we finally find him the reward is always beyond words. His presence consists of a sudden change of mood into a deep joy and a mind-opening towards the Light. And the funny thing is that he sometimes appears out of nothing exactly at the place we just had looked before. He greats us like a simple man looks at as and does not need to ask any questions and sometimes he starts to teach. “The world has taken a deep breath in order to slow down and to sort out. What do you think the world could sort out at this time?” We did not know what to say. “The bad ones.. the capitalist system..the destruction of nature..” we tried to answer. He did not react. “Will the world be cleaned during this time, will it be better afterward? The battle is not over yet, it did not even start. Is the outcome certain? Yes, all things are in place. The story is already written. But on your part depends still everything. What a paradox!” He smiled. “You must stay firm in your light. Connect your singled eye to your heart! Call God into it and wait! You are the bringer of light or darkness, so decide what you want to add to this world! The final outcome will have a great deal to do with your decision. You can´t be the light without forgiving the unforgivable. Thatswhy I say look straight into the light and let in shine in you. The world needs it in this threshold time.”

“I am afraid of the things to come.” one brother said. “We live by grace. We will act as humans and our humanness will safe us.” Mary said. We went home with a quite and peaceful heart.

The Time of the Turn of Destiny

The destiny of this planet is at stake. The darkness is rising into the light of day. Shall we follow it into their new order or oppose it? We have to decide now what kind of future we want: one of free humans or half Electronic hybrids which are always online. The elite wants us to do the latter. AI is the ultimate enemy of humankind and we decide to pull it down before it devours us.

The Quarantine (Eng/Ger)

The quarantine
The quarantine encloses me in silence
and yet I run through the nearby forest.
The void has almost penetrated me
and I’ve forgotten who I was
before all this happened.
Now I’m creeping through the green twilight,
and look for the light of the free world.
Smoking my Indian pipe
I pray for the protection of mine.
I no longer hope for the old world,
you better wait for the new one,
which in invisible wings
is approaching from the inside,
transforming and renewing everything.
A soft breeze caresses my face,
a mouse runs over my foot
and what will be
I forgot.

Peter Bernhard

Die Quarantäne schließt mich ein in Stille

und doch renne ich durch den nahen Wald.

Das Nichts hat mich fast durchdrungen

und ich hab vergessen, wer ich war

bevor all dies geschah.

Nun schleiche ich durchs grüne Zwielicht,

und suche nach dem Licht der freien Welt.

Meine Indianer-Pfeife rauchend

erbete ich den Schutz der Meinen.

Ich hoffe nicht mehr auf die alte Welt,

warte lieber auf das Neue,

das in unsichtbaren Schwingen

sich von innen nähert,

alles verwandelnd und erneuernd.

Eine weiche Briese streichelt mein Gesicht,

eine Maus läuft über meinen Fuss

und was sein wird

habe ich vergessen.

Peter Bernhard