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Throw off your ballast away to ascend happily!

How to manifest a new life from freedom from the past

Have you ever had the impression that your acquaintances, friends and loved ones were closer to happiness than you?
Was happiness too often in your life in a place where you were not?
Do you still have the impression that you are still missing something to perfection, although you are working to improve your body and your psyche?
Have you suffered from your mistakes and imperfections that you thought would make others love or value you less?
Many of us really tried to change and yet didn’t make a breakthrough.
The reason is simple. We have learned many methods, but this has not helped us to throw off our ballast. So our balloon cannot ascend to the heights where joy is easy without having to prove itself.
I also had problems. For a long time, I fought against a deep inner sadness. I tried to distract myself from her or meditate her away. But it didn’t work. Until one day I came up with the right ideas. It was so obvious that I wonder why the word of this solution hasn’t got around yet. But you hardly read anything about how to free yourself from stressful feelings and fears. You may learn the new techniques offered in so many guides, but they don’t help because they don’t go deep enough. With all the necessary techniques we learn in our quest for happiness, our balloon becomes even heavier and we are further away from happiness than before.
How can we ascend in this situation? There are certain things we need to do.
-We should realize that we are carrying this unnecessary burden around with us.
-We should take the decision to discard this burden
-We should learn how to do this.
-We should practice this letting go until we actually ascend.
To really change ourselves is not as difficult as we think. Many have shown us that it is possible. But most people stay on the same path their whole lives. They go to school, study, maybe take a year off and then take on a job that will take up most of their time. Only a few really break out of this hamster wheel. There are therefore few who achieve their financial freedom, because most people have never been shown the easy way, which we will show in this program… With Innerflow, you have the master program in your hands that will show you the way to freedom.
What are the advantages of Innerflow?
– Innerflow goes to the root of the problem of the mental suffering of many people.
– With Innerflow you overcome the feelings of loneliness and senselessness.
– You lose the heaviness of your life, it becomes easier and therefore easier to change.
– You learn to forgive yourself and others.
– You get to know yourself better.
– You gain a new self-confidence through self-acceptance.
– You become more and more immune to criticism.
– You become more and more independent of external recognition.
– You attract positive and loving people into your life.
– People who have robbed you of energy will increasingly go away empty-handed.
– You will become more and more aware of what you really want for happiness.
– A path will open up for you that will quickly bring you closer to your dreams.
– It will be easier for you to find the right life partner.
– By changing your energies you will draw more of the things you want into your life.
– It will be easier for you to get a new job.
– Your relationship to money will change into a positive one.
– You will find inner peace through the attainment of non-dual awareness.
– You will reach a point where you no longer need to seek happiness.
Who is Innerflow not suitable for?
This process is not suitable for those who do not want to look honestly at why they do the things they do, which are the true motives that determine their lives. They are afraid that their motives are so negative that it is better to hide them from themselves. They are wrong about that. There is nothing evil inside, only fears and longings. All people are looking for love, peace, and joy, even if this often happens in a strange way.
Whose love can improve Innerflow to the positive?
Innerflow is for people who want to discover what drives them, what would make them really happy and who they really are. They are ready to leave their comfort zone. They are ready to go on, even if they feel fear. They want to stand up for their visions and see them come true.
How does Innerflow differ from other courses of transformation and manifestation? In Innerflow we only use the things that really work. The difference between this and other programs is that here we go to the root of the problem, while almost everyone else is just trying to polish up its surface. In the Innerflow process we have realized that we must first heal our feelings before we can create a new future. Most programs today avoid this because they think it takes too much time. It is true that Innerflow takes more time than the more superficial self-motivation programs that rely on the mental power of the mind alone, but this delay definitely pays off later because “who builds his house on sand” ends up empty.
The price. Private coaching for three months with me costs 320€. This course, which is sent as paperback, costs only 34.95€, so you save over 280€! This book comes with three free e-books that contain more profound exercises and explanations. pease ask for them after purchasing the book:
When you purchase Innerflow, you will rise above your present life. You will have more space to live and see farther horizons. You will feel like you are actually moving towards your dreams. Your life will have meaning and purpose again. Nothing will appear to be carved in stone anymore. You have the freedom to rethink old decisions and make new ones. Your life will follow the stream of your happiness, which will continue to broaden.

Review: Lia has described her experience with Innerflow-Liferecovery as follows:
“The experience I had of Peter’s Innerflow-Liferecovery was a blessed encounter with myself. In a gentle but deep recovery, I began to remember and feel what was lost a long time ago. The joy, the self-confidence of childhood and the enthusiasm when I was a teenager all came back! I found a new peace of mind in these wonderful but forgotten moments of my life. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to be treated through such a sensitive and effective process, and I would like to recommend it here warmly, and also express my sincere gratitude for the reassembly of my soul, which could not be achieved previously through meditation, prayer and yoga. Thank you, Peter. “Lia G.
Innerflow is a course for self-studies. You can do the whole program on your own. It shows you how to easily free yourself from your old feelings, clarify your visions and begin to manifest them. It is not meant to be a therapy, but it can work as a therapy. It is a course on happiness that aims to raise your physical and psychic energy levels.

Do the first step to change your life and order the Course here:
Thank you for your perseverance!

Peter Bernhard.

The Gates of Mary Magdalene, Intro

As a thank you for all my readers I will post here my novel about the secrets of Christian Gnosis I have learned by the Master


Many of us live only a small part of what life really has to offer us. Perhaps we follow a particular survival strategy. We may accept the idea that we must be on guard because life is dangerous. We stick therefore to certain behavior even though the world consists of many other ways of thinking and acting.

We walk the world with an outdated software program and do not really understand what happens around us. This software we could have inherited from our ancestors, the society or even our former self. Some ideas are kept over centuries from generation to generation. They do not even need to be mentioned verbally. But the gestures, the voice and the frequent sightings of a mother who thinks that life is bad and unjust, can teach the children the same thing. But in reality, every moment is new and we are connected with the entire cosmos. The world we experience, however, is proof that we have chosen to experience only a small part of the whole.

This world seems to consist of separate objects that are hardly related to each other. But this is not true. There is no solid matter, as we perceive it. What the physicists have found instead are clusters of pure energy that vibrate in a specific pattern. A lot of emptiness exists in every atom cluster, which we perceive as matter. There is much less difference between vacuum and matter than we think. The vast empty spaces that exist between the Sun and the planets of our solar system endure in every atom also. This means that each stone is made of emptiness as well as our bodies.

But why do we not experience everything as vibration, like shamans do in trance or people who are taking drugs? Why do we live in a frozen world where we can´t see the relationship between things? Has God done this to us, as he has thrown Adam and Eve out of paradise? We have been taught that way for a long time. Today we do not believe in such a God anymore and rather believe in nothing. If there isn´t any vengeful God, there can´t be any loving God either. That is the unspoken assumption of many.

But there is a surprising answer to the question of why we are here, without making God responsible for it. We are here because we want to be here. We have decided to be isolated because we hoped to reach independence in that way. This world is described in Iron John as the Forbidden Forest. We are surrounded by things that could reveal the secrets of the universe to us if we could but see them with a completely open mind and innocent eyes. But since a long time, we let our minds run on auto-pilot and allowed it to tell us what the things around us mean, rather than to be silent and to allow these things to talk to us.

We distract ourselves most of the time just because we are afraid to be overtaken by the Truth and returned to the living cosmos. We know that if we would let go completely for a moment, a totally different vision of the universe would dawn on us, a vision beyond all the problems we perceive in our daily lives. Carlos and Maria Magdalena offered me a different world, by showing me how to read an old story in a new way and to progress through seven gates of experience. May the reader find his own way through these gates.

Learn about Innerflow, the new transformational process:

Pricing Innerflow and Soul Recovery

Innerflow: The workbook for Innerflow is available now on Amazon here: A personal session with Innerflow which includes the healing work on one category of negative emotions like anger, shame, fear coasts 40€/$ (a temporal promotion price) A 3 months coaching process coasts 320€/$

Soul recovery: This consists of a restoration of the soul and a cleansing of stress from past traumatic experiences. One session on skype costs 40€/$ and for a whole Soul recovery therapy I as for 320€/$ which needs several sessions over 3 weeks. This can be done by me alone.

Coaching available

The new program called “Innerflow” is finished. It consists of everything we have learned of the Master, the whole inheritance of the Knights over the centuries: The letting go of painful and suppressed feelings, the cultivation of manifestation abilities and the opening to non-dual awareness. All this is put into a book that needs to be translated into English at least partially. I also offer coaching sessions once a week for a period of three months. (1995$, first free session included) This will change the client´s life if somebody is searching for a real difference.


I finished now a course to integrate the three most important areas of humankind into one spiritual path: Our negative emotions (traumas and bad memories), positive emotions (wishes, desires, fulfillments) and awareness (peace without reason). This course is called Innerflow. I wrote it first in German because this is my mother tongue and translate its most important parts into English soon.

The next steps

Met the Master today, late afternoon in the mountains near Montserrat. The time before us will not be easy, he said. The stock market is going down. Next year the could be a break down in Germany and a civil war. After this, there will be a russian attack on the west. The Russians only will need some days to reach the Rhein with their thanks. After that, there will be some bombs dropped behind their supply lines. After this, there will be three days of darkness. During these days stay at home and come not close to the window. After this there will be the golden age.” he looked at us and nodded. We stood silent. “How to survive all this?” “Only by the grace of God.”