The Commandery of Saint Michael

Far up in the mountains is the old commandery Saint Michael located. The location is only known by few. There is a chapel, a house, and a plateau, where an original templar cross of the 14th century stands. The irons in the middle ages could survive centuries because it created a “skin” of corrosion protection around it. People of a “Read Path” community have created a stone circle in the shape of a Celtic cross. This is a meeting place we can use during our progression along the stages of the Heart-Tuning Path. It is an unforgettable place.


The Commandery Sant Miguel is open to all persons who want to own their warrior energy again, to find camaraderie and to search for awakening. At this time in history, we are called to undergo our own profound transformation. Otherwise, we can´t be in true service to the world. We designed a new path which uses all our scattered abilities, units them and channels them towards the own goal of Oneness and connectedness. This path is amazing powerful because it uses the greatest discoveries of the spirituality of the ancient times until today in a simplified way. We call this the Path of Heart-Centeredness.



Our heart center consists much more than just the traditional heart chakra. It is full of immeasurable treasures. We will help you, how to unlock them and make them available to you. You will be able to turn your inner energies around in order to transform your life. You will no longer be the slave of outside events, but the center of the creative flow. You can create a happier and more fulfilling life. You may gain a sense of reconnection and of coming home. Love will caress you like a warm summer breeze. You will know what to do and what to give because you have found something real inside. The stages of progression are:

Sensing the Body, connecting with others and your true Self, clearing the past from all distortions, learn how to manifest a different life, connect to the Source.

This path opens the door to the universal symphony of which we are apart.

When we want to lead a life under the guidance of the heart, this path may be the answer to you. You will dive into the song of the energy of your inner flame and you will flow through your unfolding life. And you will extend what you want to see in the world. Things you need will have come easily to you because you will be in the flow.