Sick of being Stuck?

Are you stuck between darkness and light, not knowing why you don´t progress in your spiritual endeavors? Maybe you have not looked within deep enough or honest enough at what you wanted to escape all alone. It will not work. Your inner child is crying since you had abandoned it many years ago. You have to embrace it and take it with you on your journey. Otherwise, you may go nowhere.

In this workshop, we will explore our inner landscape in an easy but profound way that can be life-changing. First, we will “broaden the river of life” by finding the place of open awareness in our minds. After establishing a more secure and relaxed anchor for self-awareness we will dive into our main limiting cluster, an emotionally charged configuration that represents our early suppressed feelings, which we are holding down our whole life. We believe when we let this come up we will either stop breathing or never stop crying. These ideas are just untrue beliefs. In order to break free, we want to face the core pain, let it be, and let it go. We don´t want to be afraid of this anymore even we can´t solve it all this time. Instead, we want to choose a loving attitude towards our most inner and vulnerable feelings. It is this crying inner child we have betrayed at the age of five or six in order to function in the world of the adults. When we have opened the door to it, we should ask for its forgiveness and ensure it that our love for it will not be withdrawn another time. With Ho òponopono, we will learn an easy tool for taking responsibility for all our feelings even when they have been caused by others but also or suppressed guilt. The prise of inner freedom is to let go of blaming others. After we have started the healing process of our relationship to our inner child we can start to use its life-energy, that we have missed for so long. we will look for the inner light which is hidden in its heart. We will use this light to create a vision for a better future. Our deepest desire is just this: The extension of our inner light and joy and its manifestation in the outside world. We are looking for the most shining reflection of our soul out there in order to remember our true identity even here, in this world. 

This group is limited to six persons plus me. How far we go along the steps each session is decided by each member of the group. We will not rush through the process but wait for everyone. All this is like opening our fist by which we are trying to control life since our youth and let the life-force within us go its own course for our own benefits instead.

“Peter guides me, coaches me, to bring out my truth and be better, stronger. He encourages me to create new habits, to see a vision of what I can achieve, and create my path to get there. I recommend coaching with Peter, to overcome difficulties and achieve your potential because like a true educator (from the Latin root ‘educare: to lead out’), Peter leads out the best of you.” Rebecca

Breakthrough session: 200€/$,

Yours sincerely, Peter Bernhard.