Light moving in the dark

Today the lines are active, rebalancing the energies of the land. The frequencies are rising. Dark forces will be cast off the planet when we are sure we don´t want them anymore. We can still extend our desires, but it is important that we give all of them into God´s hands. Then we are free to move on and enjoy whatever enters our way.

Consecration of First New Templar Priories in 700 Years


Consecration of First New Templar Priories in 700 Years

(Retired U.S. Navy Commander and Templar Knight, Rev. William S. Buehler, consecrates the Templar Sword with Grand Commander Michael Henry Dunn)
  • Sacred Ceremony in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains
  • Community of Magdalene Priestesses becomes The Priory of the Temple of Ascension
  • Human Rights Mission Establishes “Templar Inn of Court”
  • Launch of New Membership Platform Set for June

Consecration of Templar Priories in the
Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Colorado

(View inspiring video of the Ceremony and Overview of Sacred Activism Missions)
A Sacred Templar Ceremony was held on March 1st, 2017 in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of southern Colorado to consecrate the first new Templar Priories in more than 700 years. Standing in for Grand Master Prince Matthew of Thebes, the Order’s Grand Commander, Viscount Michael Henry Dunn welcomed four thriving spiritual communities into the Templar Order:

– The Priory of the Ark of Ascension
– The Priory of the White Stone
– The Priory of the Magdalen Temple of Ascension
– The Priory of Sovereign Grail Queens

A priory is an autonomous spiritual community aligned with Templar values and missions, benefiting from the restored spiritual and historic Templar heritage as well as the Order’s status as a nation-state subject of international law.

The Order of the Temple of Solomon Foundation is a non-profit organization based in the United States, with all donations fully Tax Deductible by law under 26 USC 170 (a)(1) and 170(c)(2) as ‘exclusively for religious, charitable or educational purposes,’ and with statutory ‘501(a) Status’ as fully Tax Exempt by law under 501(a) as a ‘civic organization for social welfare’ or ‘fraternal society for religious and educational purposes’.
(Dame Raven Sinclaire, Prioress of the Magdalene Temple of Ascension of Asheville, North Carolina)
Magdalene Community Becomes a Templar Priory as KTS Grand Commander Speaks at “Gathering of Guardians”

The newly consecrated Templar Priory of the Magdalene Temple of Ascension, under the leadership of Prioress, Dame Raven Sinclaire, welcomed Templar Grand Commander, Viscount Michael Henry Dunn to the annual Gathering of Guardians, where some 30 members of the community, including more than 20 ordained priestesses, participated in three days of fellowship, training, and prayer.  Viscount Dunn gave the group an overview of Templar Sacred Activism missions, including updates on the Sovereign Court of International Justice, and Templar outreach in the refugee crisis.
The Grand Mastery of the Templar Order is glad to announce the imminent launch of a new Membership Platform to deepen the experience of authentic Templar training and community for the enthusiastically committed men and women who have chosen the Templar way of life.  Full implementation of the Memberclicks Platform is expected to take up to 60 days from the date of this newsletter. In the interim, the Grand Mastery directed that EXISTING MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP PAYMENTS BE TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED until the new platform is fully in place. At that time, the Order will individually contact all members of the Order, to ensure that each of us has full access to the new membership experience.

In this time when there is pervasive distraction and disconnection, many of us yearn for the warmth and support of human contact with a vital spiritual community, anchored in the practice of timeless truths.­­­ The growing Templar family will enjoy fellowship in person at live gatherings and trainings, and through a versatile and secure online platform, which is in the launch process at this time. Features of this Templar Network (utilizing the well-established MemberClicks platform) include:

  • Efficient Online Training and Templar Sacred Activism Courses through sequential downloads of proprietary Templar legacy teachings, and video recordings of live webinar events.
  • Private networking available to all Templars, allowing them to make their own friend and peer connections, share photos, and send member-to-member messages.
  • Quickly share info and photos with interest groups via user-created circles.
  • Enable sharing / displaying and tagging of photos with full-featured profile photo galleries.

A Powerful Templar Directory

  • Ease of networking with a searchable online directory with varying levels of public, password-protected or specific group-based access.
  • Enable visitors to search for members by address or zip code to find local providers (protections will be in place for members only access to personal information such as phone and address).
  • Gives Templars another place to share information with their connections on their profile walls.
  • Receive notice when your Templar connections make posts, send e-list messages, and much more via an activity stream.

Community Features

  • A customizable Templar event calendar with visual calendar display, event list display and custom event detail pages to promote events.
  • Discussion forums to post messages and files, with a variety of moderation options and access restrictions based on permissions.
  • Offer topic-specific, opt-in email discussion lists that allow Templars to actively discuss issues of interest to them, complete with customizable moderation and subscription options.
  • A well-moderated Templar blog, integrated seamlessly with the Templar website and database to enable varying levels of access and options for commenting, moderation and tagging posts.
(Official Seal of the Templar Inn of Court)

The Templar Inn of Court is the restored direct continuation of its original 12th century tradition, providing specialized training for Barristers of the independent Legal Profession.  In the modern era, this authentic medieval institution was re-constituted as an autonomous official body of the inter-governmental organization (IGO) Ignita Veritas United (IVU).  It is thus the first Inn of Court in history to hold Diplomatic Status as an IGO official body, at the supra-governmental level of conventional international law.

In connection with the Inter-Governmental Bar Council (IGBC), Templar Inn has a mandate to provide education and training on “duties of the lawyer and of human rights and fundamental freedoms recognized by… international law” (UN Basic Principles on the Role of Lawyers, Article 9).

Templar Inn of Court serves as a post-graduate training center, in the form of a professional law society, providing qualifications for admission to the international Bar and subsequent high-level practice as a Barrister.  Under Crown Patronage of a restored 12thcentury historical institution, it teaches the ancient and medieval “secret” knowledge of the authentic customs of the Common Law system, which empowers the independent Legal and Judiciary Professions, directly from the original teachings of the Knights Templar. (read more at this link:

The Order of the Temple of Solomon Foundation is a non-profit organization based in the United States, with all donations fully Tax Deductible by law under 26 USC 170 (a)(1) and 170(c)(2) as ‘exclusively for religious, charitable or educational purposes,’ and with statutory ‘501(a) Status’ as fully Tax Exempt by law under 501(a) as a ‘civic organization for social welfare’ or ‘fraternal society for religious and educational purposes’.

Forgive and be free

The energy on the planet intensifies. That means a speeding up of time. The day lasts nowadays only 16 hours, (even clocks showing us the old result of 14hrs) in case you are wondering how it can pass so fast. Today´s lesson of ACIM says that forgiveness is the way to freedom. But we need the right context in order to be able to forgive. We need to see that this world is just a dream. We never left reality but felt into sleep.


St George’s Day. Interesting choice for a French election given the saint’s widespread patronage in areas I surmised in my Archaeology of Dragons presentation as being known for revolting peasants.

His experience with the dragon is covered in Pieces of Eight and the reasoning for and antiquity of is explored in Star.Ships.

This year, in an hagiographic version of “Where Are They Now?”, we look at what George did next. And that is, he went meddling in the prefect Dacian’s persecution of Christians.

He arrived in the town, shouting that all their gods were actually demons, and that only the God of Heaven was the true God. This is the sort of behaviour that tends to get one arrested and sure enough, George ends up in the clink.

It’s notable how typologically similar conversion stories are. George’s subsequent torture motifs look very Cyprian/Justina. If Cyprian represents the incorporation of the wisdom and magic of the pagan world into the new milieu, a Roman soldier may be a stand in for the same process happening to its military might.

In prison, George is dismembered -archetypally obvious- and has his limb wounds burned and salted. The next morning, after Christ visits him in the night, he’s put back together again.

Dacian hires a sorcerer to defeat him -a sorcerer who promises his own head if he fails. (Guess we’ve been bad at business dealings for quite some time.)

This sorcerer first attempts to poison his wine but George cures it by making the sign of the cross over it -just as Justina nullifies Cyprian’s dodgy ‘love’ magic with the sign of the cross. You’re getting a very clear battle of the symbols here. A stronger dose of poison is similarly nullified. At this point the sorcerer -Cyprian style- begs at George’s feet to be converted. I find the magical logic behind these conversions fascinating: this magic works better so I want it.

He gets beheaded, obviously. A deal is a deal. (Note to Rune Soup Premium Members: Clearly insufficient “more” in his statements.)

The next day, Dacian orders George to be tortured on yet another super-obvious symbol of the universe he clearly just has lying around, which is a great wheel covered in knives. It falls apart as George approaches it.

Then comes the Cyprianesque cauldron of molten lead. As George is lowered into it, he prays and the lead just swirls around him, leaving him untouched.

Dacian then decides to play Mr Nice Prefect: “George, my son. You see how long-suffering our gods are; they put up with your blasphemies so patiently yet are ready to forgive you if you consent to be converted. Give up your superstition, sacrifice to our gods, and win great honours from them and from ourselves.”

George decides to spring Dacian’s trap and agrees, as long as Dacian brings the whole city together to watch him parade up to the temple and to perform sacrifices and contrition. Dacian orders the population rounded up and the city garlanded. The next morning, George parades up to the temple, falls to his knees, and asks God to destroy it.

“Fire” comes down from heaven and destroys the temple in front of the whole city. The earth swallows up its ruins along with the pagan priesthood. (In The Golden Legend, “George” as a name comes from “earth” and “worker”. Also note that the temple and its priests are now in the underworld.)

But George isn’t done. When he is summoned before Dacian to be accused of murder and destruction, the prefect’s wife Alexandria is converted to Christianity in front of him. (On my way to steal your girl!) Dacian strings her up by her hair and tortures her to death -making Alexandria one of the few martyrs who didn’t receive baptism.

Dacian orders that, the next day, George is to be dragged through the streets and beheaded -because headlessness hasn’t yet featured enough- and indeed this does happen.

As Dacian is returning from the execution site to the palace, presumably remarking to his courtiers that it really was “quite the weekend”, more fire falls from heaven and kills him.

Happy Fear and Loathing in St George’s Day to you all.

POSTSCRIPT: It is useful to consider the definition of a Jungian archetype in this context as a story or motif that is infinitely dense. That is to say, your exploration of it will never exhaust it. George is and has several of these, which are interesting to consider in light of his appearances and roles in the subsequent 1800 years. By Gordon/Rune Soup Blog

Soul Readjustement

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