Finding the Light


What does this Coaching consist of?

This coaching which complements the Course In Miracles Training Program brings us back to our selves and to God. Usually, our minds are scattered. But this path will lead you the way into our center. Your whole heart center consists much more than just the traditional heart chakra. It is full of immeasurable treasures. We will show you, how to unlock them and make them available to you. You will be able to turn your inner energies around in order to transform your life. You will no longer be the slave of outside events, but the center of the creative flow. You can create a happier and more fulfilling life. You may gain a sense of reconnection and of coming home. Love will caress you like a warm summer breeze. You will know what to do and what to give because you have found something real inside.

The stages are described like this:

  1. Discovering our real desires
  2. Feeling and Clearing our pain. Letting go and forgiveness.
  3. Learning how to manifest peace and happiness
  4. Clearing and healing of our system with cosmic energies
  5. Finding true joy and life it.
  6. Diving into pure awareness
  7. Surrendering to the light of Source. Begin with true service.

This path opens the door to God and to your song, which is your part of the universal symphony.

When we want to lead a life under the guidance of the heart, this path may be the answer to you. You will dive into the song of the energy of your inner flame and you will flow through your unfolding life. And you will extend what you want to see in the world. Things you need will have come easily to you because you will be in the flow. This is the work of the holy spirit. This is the practice of this Commandery.

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