This may be an absurd question, but we know pretty well what happens after the death of a person, according to Robert James Lee and many other witnesses. This is especially important for those jihadists who consider themselves heroes because they want to blow up themselves in the midst of a crowd on none believers and hope for the open gates of paradise, where many virgins are waiting for them. In their imagination, the Qur’an’s virgins are about 9-14 year old girls. Originally grapes were promised in heaven for the righteous men, the connection of heaven and endless sex seems rather strange that later interpretations provide because heaven is a condition that transcends human limitation and suffering. It does not need sex for union because it is a condition of perfect union already accomplished. And personal pleasure is meaningless there. Everything is shared. However, what happens after the blow is most likely this: The terrorists do not escape the pain they caused in any way. They are stuck in the midst of the massacre and will experience all the pain they have caused by the dying, the survivors and the relatives. Then they will be reborn as as one of their former enemies. It is as simple as that. Even Muhammad, the great prophet of the Koran, had asked his followers to pray for him on the “Day of Judgment,” since no one was safe from the vengeance of Allah. There is only one safe path to heaven and that is the way of forgiveness and love. The Sufis, the mystics of Islam, know this very well. All fanatics of political and religious persuasion believe that beliefs could provide a sufficient substitute for love, and they fail again and again. Only love is safe. And what causes pain is no love.