As a thank you for all my readers I will post here my novel about the secrets of Christian Gnosis I have learned by the Master


Many of us live only a small part of what life really has to offer us. Perhaps we follow a particular survival strategy. We may accept the idea that we must be on guard because life is dangerous. We stick therefore to certain behavior even though the world consists of many other ways of thinking and acting.

We walk the world with an outdated software program and do not really understand what happens around us. This software we could have inherited from our ancestors, the society or even our former self. Some ideas are kept over centuries from generation to generation. They do not even need to be mentioned verbally. But the gestures, the voice and the frequent sightings of a mother who thinks that life is bad and unjust, can teach the children the same thing. But in reality, every moment is new and we are connected with the entire cosmos. The world we experience, however, is proof that we have chosen to experience only a small part of the whole.

This world seems to consist of separate objects that are hardly related to each other. But this is not true. There is no solid matter, as we perceive it. What the physicists have found instead are clusters of pure energy that vibrate in a specific pattern. A lot of emptiness exists in every atom cluster, which we perceive as matter. There is much less difference between vacuum and matter than we think. The vast empty spaces that exist between the Sun and the planets of our solar system endure in every atom also. This means that each stone is made of emptiness as well as our bodies.

But why do we not experience everything as vibration, like shamans do in trance or people who are taking drugs? Why do we live in a frozen world where we can´t see the relationship between things? Has God done this to us, as he has thrown Adam and Eve out of paradise? We have been taught that way for a long time. Today we do not believe in such a God anymore and rather believe in nothing. If there isn´t any vengeful God, there can´t be any loving God either. That is the unspoken assumption of many.

But there is a surprising answer to the question of why we are here, without making God responsible for it. We are here because we want to be here. We have decided to be isolated because we hoped to reach independence in that way. This world is described in Iron John as the Forbidden Forest. We are surrounded by things that could reveal the secrets of the universe to us if we could but see them with a completely open mind and innocent eyes. But since a long time, we let our minds run on auto-pilot and allowed it to tell us what the things around us mean, rather than to be silent and to allow these things to talk to us.

We distract ourselves most of the time just because we are afraid to be overtaken by the Truth and returned to the living cosmos. We know that if we would let go completely for a moment, a totally different vision of the universe would dawn on us, a vision beyond all the problems we perceive in our daily lives. Carlos and Maria Magdalena offered me a different world, by showing me how to read an old story in a new way and to progress through seven gates of experience. May the reader find his own way through these gates.

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