Over the centuries, the Knights Templar has been the subject of many misconceptions, especially in the modern age of mass media. Heavily popularized misunderstandings also created confusion for private researchers, and caused major determinative facts of the historical record to be wholly overlooked, even by professional academics.

As a result, many interested persons come to the Templar Order burdened by certain popular misconceptions. Specific factual clarification is thus needed on various key issues, before one can enjoy and appreciate the depth of the Order’s fully restored heritage in the modern era.

All readers are therefore encouraged to explore the following clarifications on key topics of popular interest. It is hoped that this will empower the reader to explore the rest of this website with an open mind, and with renewed interest in the reality and substance of modern Templarism.

Proprietary Research – This site presents new and original research, from primary sources in the historical record. The numbered source references are the verifiable evidence of all relevant facts. The Templar Order now shares this with the general public for the first time, as part of its core mission of restoring venerable traditions as the pillars of civilization.

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Order & Church are Separate – The Order of the Temple of Solomon historically carries and protects the Ancient Catholic Church, which is separate and independent. The Templar Order has its own Chivalric Constitution and Grand Mastery, and is interfaith and non-denominational with its own Mystical spirituality, while separately supporting Ancient Catholicism. Templars are not required to participate in the Church. The Church has its own Ecclesiastical Charter and Pontificate, and its Faithful and Clergy are not obligated to join the Templar Order.



M (100) Knights Templar Illuminated Letters www.knightstemplarorder.orgMany Chivalric Orders exist in the modern era, of varying types and degrees of legitimacy, each of which developed under unique circumstances. The basis for each Order creates a category of opinion or expectations for each approach. This has resulted in a great diversity of competing theories of legitimacy, many contradictory, and each modeled after different Orders.


No single Chivalric Order can possibly satisfy all of the competing theories, many of which contradict each other. For this reason, regardless of the strongest bases for legitimacy, backed by history, law, facts and evidence, there will always be challengers who insist on a different opinion, critics who allege some defect, and self-perceived competitors who claim they are the only “Real Knights”.


For the Order of the Temple of Solomon of 1118 AD as a historical institution, there is only one real issue for legitimacy as the direct continuation of the original Knights Templar: It must have a meaningful connection to the founding authorities of its historical Grand Mastery, as the basis for legal and canonical Magistral Succession, which also must be supported by substance and authenticity of Doctrinal Succession.


In other words, it must have a direct lineal, legal and canonical connection to the founding bases of the original Templar Order, and it must embody and teach the authentic Templar heritage in its spiritual and cultural fullness.


The original Templar Order is unique, possessing multiple and alternative sources of chivalric legitimacy. Driven by a profound sense of responsibility for preserving this historical institution, university historians backed by international law firms completed an intensive seven-year project to restore the Order. Restoration was not based on “claims” supported by mere legal “technicalities”, but rather was firmly rooted in – and made possible by – possessing the full and authentic substance and heritage of the historical institution.


The modern Templar Order has reassembled and restored all aspects of its original sources of legitimacy, as evidenced in the historical record, carefully balancing each basis with the others:

Succession was reestablished from the ancient Templar Priesthood (which the first Knights recovered by excavating the Temple of Solomon) , as the founding Ecclesiastical authority of the original Grand Mastery. This reconnected the Order to its Ecclesiastical Protection from the Vatican Papal Bull Omne Datum Optimum (1139 AD) . Succession was additionally reconnected from a legalized Royal line of King Fulk of Jerusalem which legally carries the founding Royal authority of the original Grand Mastery. This achieved full Royal Protection by an official Letters Patent (2013).


Both forms of Magistral Succession legally establish permanent and independent sovereignty of the Order in its own right, as a Principality of statehood, thus governed by a Prince Grand Master, and inherently possessing its own independent Fons Honourum as a historical institution. The Order is recognized by a licensed international Court as an official government exercising statehood. It also holds registered United Nations NGO status through its non-profit Foundation