Coaching Offer!

My coaching sessions have been very successful so far, even more than that, life-changing. I find the way for by opening new doors you did not know about before. I will bring you back into the body and show you how to extend your awareness. From that time one, you will live life from a perspective of authority and identity. You will have the power to decide how to relate to other people. You will use all encounters for your own spiritual growth. I hope to see you soon at my coaching table!

My Coaching leads to fast results…

My coaching follows more or less these steps:

-Warming up

-Where is the “gap”, the pattern that is holding the client back right now? What is his goal?

-Looking into the past were in came from and which emotions and conclusions are still present?

-Which steps can be taken in order to overcome the obstacle by uncharge the emotional pattern? 

-rewrite the story and

-which steps can be taken to change the behavior that came out of these patterns and to walk towards the goal?

Thank you Peter Bernhard for such a powerful session! 🙌 I had a mind, spirit, and body transformation! Your holistic approach made a powerful change from my core. I left the session with so much clarity. I feel light, peaceful, and complete! Thank you again!

Coaching with Peter. A Testimony

Some of the turmoils we are confronted with in life are just calling us into deeper self-awareness and a more profound awakening. We become more aware of what is hidden in us. When we are on a journey of self-exploration we can use the things that come from the outside world to show us what we still have to look at in us. The outer world is reacting to our inner state like a dog is barking at people who hate dogs or people smile at someone who just has fallen in love and so on. If that is true we can reframe the turmoil we are going through as a passage on our path of healing and awakening. We can use curiosity, compassion, openness, and acceptance as helping tools for doing this. When we work with what life provides us with we have enough to grow in self-awareness rapidly.

“Peter guides me, coaches me, to bring out my truth and be better, stronger. He encourages me to create new habits, to see a vision of what I can achieve, and create my path to get there. I recommend coaching with Peter, to overcome difficulties and achieve your potential because like a true educator (from the Latin root ‘educare: to lead out’), Peter leads out the best of you.” Rebecca

The spiritual task is to get used to living consciously more and more minutes during the day and being aware of one´s body and feeling at the same time. 1 session: 50€/$,

Yours sincerely, Peter Bernhard.

Grow inward.

As we grow through the Parzival Way into the inner being, we remain longer and longer anchored in this awareness, in which all things appear and disappear as expressions of the One but we rest in oneness. This is not a cold state in which one leans back as an observer, but a state that is deeply connected and committed to the well-being of all beings, as the great teachers taught us.

The Parzival-Process

The “Parzival-Process” I am coaching is leading you through the different stages of memories and clusters that may hold you back. We don´t like painful feelings. These mostly suppressed feelings feeding negative thoughts in our minds. How to break free from this? How can we change limiting beliefs? It´s easy but it takes courage. But the result is self-empowerment, freedom, and joy.

The World after Covid19

Will the world after Covid19 look different than the world before? More trades, classes, and meetings will take place online. We will have slightly a quieter world. Encounter real people will be much more appreciated. In order to be more present with your friend and family members, we can have an honest look on how much of us is really present right now and we can increase this amount of presence in our mind and body. In order to be more here, we have to look at what of us in the past or future. These parts have mostly an emotional charge. I will show you in my new program called Parzivals Way how to bring these parts back to you.