Decent into the feelings, Death and letting go. 6

On a sunny day when the clouds were almost over the ocean, we would recognize the dark blue water through the thin layer and some spots. The Master let his gaze wander to the horizon and continued: “The path from the Sun to Venus or from the heart to our feelings is symbolized by the card of death. We have recognized the heart as a place of a broad reflection of the heavens. Why do we have to get involved in death and our feelings when we walk deeper? Thoughts can be changed by us and so can the body. But our feelings seem to be more independent of our will. We can see the beautiful moments in our lives and cultivate this happiness again in the now. But our feelings come in response to our interpretation of actions. We can imagine the beautiful moments in our lives and cultivate this happiness again in the now. But we cannot tell ourselves how we should have heard ourselves in the presence of a human being. Feelings not only show us what we think about the world, instead of what is out there comes back to us. They are also a sense organ of perception of another world. To get to another world we have to lose our grip on perception and judgement and plunge into the ocean of the unknown, as is the case with death. Only through feeling can one cope with feeling and only through dying can one cope with death. We surrender to the depts of life.

To Give in order to become

Giving and receiving are really one, says today’s lesson. When I give, I experience that I have because there is only one Self. Hence, this method of giving peace, love, and learning is the best way to truly prove and cultivate the teachings of A Course In Miracles for yourself. Just say to yourself, “I give peace and love to the whole world.” Imagine if you want these things to flow out of our hearts and envelop the whole world like blue energy of bliss. Notice the feelings caused by this inner action. When you realize what this means, you no longer need to be afraid of giving. Because God created you as everything. Hence, giving is the best method to guide you into this. Because if you can give these good things you must have them. By giving you prove to yourself this simple ability: Everything real is within. Outside are only reflections of the inner world.

The Kabbalah Path into the heart.6

On another day the master was speaking about Justice. “The connection between Gevurah and Tiferet as symbolized by the Tarot card “Justice”. We have to bow down in front of her sword in order to be allowed to enter the chamber of the heart. We have to let go of all things remembered and anticipated and jump into the pure spirit of emptiness for this. The heart is our true center. It is here we God abides on the altar. Here the Son of God is reborn each moment. We have to be whole and holy in order to enter here. That means to be willing to be at service to humankind and ourselves. God needs us to help the world to awaken. We have to let our lamp burn to be ready to hear his silent voice that is calling us out of the night into the dawn of awakening.

I am as God created me.

The present is redeemed so that it can silently expand into a future without time by this thought, “I am as God created me.” We are invited to just feel it. Within us, the whole self still lives full of peace and fully self-aware. We overlooked it, but if we let go of everything else and focus on who is reading these lines, we can see that ourselves and the space in which this moment happens are one and the same. How could it be any different? (Peter, Course Coach.)

Descent into the Tree of Life, Part 4

The fourth card of the descent through the Tree of Life is Strenght. It connects the spheres of expansion and mildness of Jupiter with the sphere of Mars, that is of severity and contraction. It shows the way of the gentle turn inwards. A woman holds a tamed lion under her control. She looks inside without denying anything. If we can let go of the feelings that want to arise in us, the more negative feelings will leave us and the true feelings of peace and love will stay with us. It does this simply by keeping the light of awareness focused on them. This also means that as we dive deeper into the matrix of the illusion of the world, the degree to which we walk becomes narrower. It is becoming more and more difficult to remember our identity. The sphere of Mars is that of war. If we want to hike through it without being harmed, we need to remain aware of our feelings and senses. We cannot let them wash us away. The lion symbolizes Christ and the true self as well as the heart. This stands for our innermost center. If we keep in touch with it and keep our minds on it, we can walk through the storms of this world without being blown over by it. “Walk past this World,” says A Course In Miracles. “Be wanderers” says Jesus in one of the forbidden Gospels.