This Moment´s Practice

The Knight`s path is easy. It consists of two steps. The first I can reveal here and I can give you a hint of the second. For the rest, you have to ask… This moment is the only time there is. It´s always only this one moment. And therefore this moment is all that is real of the whole world. The things you see, you have put there. God did not. There is no outside world. Everything is within. Can you feel it? You made this in order to have a physical experience. How happy are you with it? Do you want to stay or do you want to go?


It´s only me.

It is time to take responsibility for the world we see. The world is not really there. Only what we see right now is there in a way. But not independent of you. You put it there every nanosecond. you are the author of this scenario. Do you want to know how to change it? How to wake up from it into your real power? Ask fo!r the ITS-ONLY-Me-Course!

Cold in Spain

Here it is colder than I can remember it. The air on the planet is moving faster and therefore we have colder periods like before when the air is moving from the north. I collect wood from the forest, little dry trees which we pull step by step into the fireplace to warm up the house at least a bit.


T (100) Knights Templar Illuminated Letters

The “Knighting Ceremony” of the Knights Templar is the subject of much speculation, fueled by diverse revivalist fantasies. The many various ceremonies with “Templar” styled themes, which were invented and widely popularized by 15th-19th century private fraternities, in fact were never used by the original 12th century Order of the Temple of Solomon. Such ceremonies are typically relied upon for “bragging rights” of who are “Real Templars” more than and superior to others, apparently based upon which group has more elaborate practices.

Grandiose and elaborate ceremonies, relying on multiple “props” of ceremonial objects, long incantations, and sometimes showy displays of artificial humility such as “vigils” and “fasting” and prolonged “prostrating”, are all anathema to the authentic doctrines and medieval monastic simplicity of the genuine Orders of Chivalry.

Indeed, the Temple Rule of 1129 AD required all Templars to live with “restraint” and “moderation” (Rule 15), “without any arrogance and without any show of pride” (Rules 18-19), and commanded to “not become proud” even in one’s expressions of apparent humility (Rule 34) [7].

Authoritative experts in Chivalry confirm that elaborate ceremonies were never required, and could never substitute for full chivalric legitimacy under customary law: “In the Middle Ages knighthoods were frequently conferred on the battlefield. The knight elect knelt before the commander of the army, who struck him with the sword… whilst uttering words such as ‘Avancez Chevalier au nom de Dieu’ [‘Rise Knight in the name of God’].” [8] This highlights, as a historical fact, that it was the strength of legitimacy of a chivalric Order which allowed it to use cursory and informal investiture ceremonies.

In traditional British Royal Chivalry, as practiced in Buckingham Palace to this day, the Investiture Ceremony for Knighthood and Damehood is simple and direct, following the “short form” used in medieval battlefield conditions: A new Knight “kneels with his right knee upon the investiture stool”, receives the accolade of dubbing “with the investiture sword… then stands to the left of the stool and is invested with the insignia”. A new Dame does not kneel and is not dubbed with a sword, but is “presented” with Damehood by “placing the correct decoration [insignia] on a cushion”. [9]

Scholars of canon law documented that in most medieval chivalric Orders, the “investiture… took place under a severe and solemn ceremony in Church, in the presence of a Bishop or the Grand Master”. If a Bishop was not available, he could be substituted with an Abbot or Prelate. “After taking the Vows and completion of other formalities the [new] Knight was given the… military [regalia]”. [10]

However, the Ecclesiastical Dubbing of Knighthood was only performed by Clergy for the Vatican’s own in-house chivalric Orders under dependent Patronage of the Church, and was essentially in the form of a Blessing [11]. In Sovereign Orders for which the Vatican had recognized independence, such as the Order of the Temple of Solomon (by the Papal Bull Omne Datum Optimum of 1139 AD), the Church did not conduct the Investiture Ceremony, but only provided supplemental Blessing by the 13th century liturgy Benedictio Novi Militis (“Blessing of New Knights”) [12].

The Investiture Ceremony of the Order of the Temple of Solomon is usually held in a cooperating Church or private Chapel affiliated with a Templar Commandery, at a Templar Pilgrimage site, or in other sacred spaces attended by Knights and Dames who are Crown Officers of the Order authorized to give Investiture. The ceremony can be given at a convocation event for large or small groups, or for individuals as needed.

The authentic Templar Investiture Ceremony includes the traditional Blessing of Chivalry, which is compatible with interfaith and non-denominational practice, administered by canonical Templar Clergy, who can also be Apostolic Bishops (upon request, subject to availability).

As in the British tradition, the Templar Investiture is simple and direct, meaningful, brief and convenient. Reflecting true monastic simplicity, it is spiritually pure. While differing versions may be used as appropriate for various situations, the Templar Ceremony is always carefully reconstructed from the original 12th century practices, as evidenced by the historical record.

Accordingly, the authentic Templar Investiture Ceremony is always comfortable, respectful, dignified and suitable for “VIP” figures and people of all ages, and is compatible with all denominations and even with other religions outside Christianity.

For those reasons, the original Templar knighting ceremony was requested and given to the honoured and feared Muslim Sultan General Salahadin ca. 1190 AD [13], which served as the key step in establishing the peace treaty between the Templars and the Saracens, the Treaty of Ramla of 1192 AD [14] [15].

The modern version of the traditional “battlefield conditions” can be medical, political or economic restrictions preventing travel to a location or event to receive Investiture, or can be some urgency during the course of active cooperation on a Templar humanitarian mission, by which making the nobiliary Knighthood or Damehood official without delay is expected to substantially help to achieve successful results of the mission.

The modern equivalent of the traditional “short form” Investiture under “battlefield conditions” is actually the full Templar Investiture Ceremony, administered by live interaction through telecommunications (preferably video conference, or by telephone) with a Crown Officer from the Grand Mastery of the Order. This practice as an exception is authentic to the historical principles, canonically valid, and also scripturally sound, as the Templar Vow of Chivalry is sworn (affirmed) directly to God, and not merely to the Order. This allows for the official certificate to be issued and delivered without delay. In such cases, it is expected that the new Knight or Dame will receive Investiture personally at a Templar event or site, at the first available opportunity. Read more:

The Caves of Sant Lorenc

During the last days, we were looking in the area of Sant Lorenc for the so called “caves of the lost hermits,” were the Cathars, Templars and others were hiding in this area, after escaping from France. The brothers think, there could be some signs or remains, hidden in the dust. I don´t think so. Everything the past was holding is gone and hidden in the Vatican. We found really strange caves. The search for carvings will take some time. The weather of centuries has destroyed clear evidence.

Strange long cave

Church on top La Mola

Monastery Sant Lorenc

An encounter with a stranger

  1. The encounter

One day in the fall I met a strange man at a coffee shop at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. He approached me when I was reading a book about Iron John. I loved reading and had already read many books about the Holy Grail, fairy tales and tribal peoples. But instead of gaining a real understanding of the inner mysteries of life I only had amassed a large number of unconnected information in my mind. This was going to change rapidly now. Why this man found me I cannot say. I had no special qualities and was certainly far less care taking than any average mother, who brought her children home after work. Perhaps I was simply lost and needed help.

“Iron John isn´t an ordinary fairy tale.” The stranger said. I looked at him with astonishment, but because there were plenty of interesting people on the streets of Berlin I decided to give him a second of attention. He was perhaps sixty and had a thick beard, whose lower half was white. He wore a black trench coat, a black hat, which he took hesitantly and had dark brown eyes that shone beneath his bushy dark eyebrows.

“I am Carlos,  by the way.”

“Bernard.” We nodded to each other.

“So what do you thing about this fairy tale?” I asked.

“It´s a Gnostic tale, written as a reminder of the steps one has to follow if he wants to reach the Sophia.”

The man pulled back a chair and sat down at my table.

“The Sophia?” I asked. “Who is that?” Carlos smiled.

“The Sophia is the female part of God who stands for knowledge and enlightenment. She is the spiritual goal for seekers since thousands of years.”

“But can this be a gnostic tale? Did not the brothers Grimm wrote this story down?” i asked. He nodded.

“They have published it, sure. But who designed it first? The Grimms just found it somewhere. But anyone who understands the symbols of the Gnosis can find in this fairy tale much more than an average parent who reads it to his children.” I gave him a curious look. He held my gaze.

“Ok. I am listening to you.”

The man put his big old farmer-hands on the table, looking at them as if he remembered all the troubles he once had in his life.

“I am pleased to do that. Today, our teachings are not as secret as fifty years ago. We have lifted the curtain a little, so that a sparkle from inside can attract some seekers. You may already know the goal of the Gnostics was enlightenment. Furthermore they have written down their doctrines in symbolic form. This tale is a good example of that. It’s pretty sophisticated, but you can´t see it at the first glance. It looks like a normal fairy tale, containing the naive message that all things will fall in the right order and all good people will find there happiness. But such a story can also be used as a hiding place, into which you can put things you want to preserve over time. If you want, I’ll show you some meanings, which we believe can be seen in the story. But this must remain only between us. It´s still confidential information.”

His eyes pierced me in a way that I felt a shiver down my spine.

“Wait!” I said. “Why should you tell a complete stranger an ancient secret? That makes no sense at all.” Carlos smiled seriously.

“It makes no sense, that’s true. But there are hardly any secrets left nowadays, in the age of information. I ask not really that you hold these informations secret. But respect them as a way of seeing the world, which is first of all just for you. I give them to you only because the voice asked me to do that. You’ll be part of a long line of transmitters, said the voice. But this is not without danger I need to say frankly.”

I was surprised. Was I invited here into a different world where danger could be lurking behind each corner? Should I not just run away?

“Why should that be dangerous?” I asked with a scratchy voice. Carlos looked around the cafe as if he was a man who had lived long in the underground and it was used to scan the environment for particular persons.

“I have a strange feeling that someone is at my heels. I ‘m not quite sure, but you never know. Maybe some people would like to see us all dead, forever swallowed by history. But now do not think about it. Instead, think of a unique change that can occur in your life now. That does not happen in any lifetime.” I nodded, my heart was pounding. I decided not to push Carlos away, even he sound totally crazy to me. What he said felt just true, although he might pull me into a world of madness, from where there was no escape. Little did I know that soon the way of my thinking would change and therefore my world also. But since my life somehow seemed boring and empty I had not much objection against the risk of change.

We agreed to meet in a pub at Friedrichshain, another Berlin neighborhood a week later. Meanwhile, I read the story through as carefully as possible. I found that it was an interesting tale. It was a story of savagery and power, and the final victory over all the forces who were opposing love. Then Carlos gave me the explanations that I’m trying to reproduce here in the following pages.


Master gone, what next?

The master has withdrawn himself into the mountains and caves of Catalonia. Will we see him against? we ask ourselves, everything he departs. Our meeting point is now an old abandoned monastery on the top of a small mountain. He stays in silence. Hunt for your spirit and nothing else! he said yesterday after giving us further instructions how and what to teach. Here we are, departed in a world of strangers, without anyone who wants to hear this. Maybe we forget the whole thing and continue with our business.

Intro Mary Magdalene- An Encounter in Berlin

Introduction from The Gates of Mary Magdalene

Many of us live only a small part of what life really has to offer us. Perhaps we follow a particular survival strategy. We may accept the idea that we must be on guard because life is dangerous. We stick therefore to certain behavior even though the world consists many other ways of thinking and acting.

We walk the world with an outdated software program and do not really understand what happens around us. This software we could have inherited from our ancestors, the society or even our former self. Some ideas are kept over centuries from generation to generation. They do not even need to be mentioned verbally. But the gestures, the voice and the frequent sightings of a mother who thinks that life is bad and unjust, can teach the children the same thing. But in reality every moment is new. In reality we are connected with the entire cosmos. The world we experience, however, is a proof that we have chosen to experience only a small part of the whole.

This world seems to consist of separate objects that are hardly related to each other. But this is not true. There is no solid matter, as we perceive it. What the physicists have found instead are clusters of pure energy that vibrate in a specific pattern. A lot of emptiness exists in every atom cluster, which we perceive as matter. There is much less difference between vacuum and matter than we think. The vast empty spaces that exist between the Sun and the planets of our solar system endure in every atom also. This means that each stone is made of emptiness as well as our bodies.

But why do we not experience everything as vibration, like shamans do in trance or people  who are taking drugs? Why do we live in a frozen world where we can´t see the relationship between things? Has God done this to us, as he has thrown Adam and Eve out of paradise? We have been taught that way for a long time. Today we do not believe in such a God anymore and rather believe in nothing. If there isn´t any vengeful God, there can´t be any loving God either. That is the unspoken assumption of many.

But there is a surprising answer to the question why we are here, without making God responsible for it. We are here because we want to be here. We have decided to be isolated because we hoped to reach independence in that way. This world is described in Iron John as the Forbidden Forest. We are surrounded by things that could reveal the secrets of the universe to us, if we could but see them with a completely open mind and innocent eyes. But since a long time we let our minds run on auto-pilot and allowed it to tell us what the things around us mean, rather than to be silent and to allow these things to talk to us.

We distract ourselves most of the time just because we are afraid to be overtaken by the Truth and returned to the living cosmos. We know that if we would let go completely for a moment, a totally different vision of the universe would dawn on us, a vision beyond all the problems we perceive in our daily lives. Carlos and Maria Magdalena offered me a different world, by showing me how to read an old story in a new way and to progress through seven gates of experience. May the reader find his own way through these gates.




How to find the spirit

When we undergo our daily activities we don´t feel much of God or spirit. Why? Is God far away? I don´t think so. If God is God, he is infinite and we live therefore in him. In order to find him, we must look for the spirit that perceives our lives. This is the quiet space within. We can identify with that instead of our thoughts, who are lying to us about who we are. The ego is just a thought, but never fully present now, therefore it’s not real.

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