Humankind under Attack

After days of heavy rain today the sun came back to our area where the mountains were inhabited by Kathars and Templars for centuries. The three of us needed a while to find the master deep in one of the caves.

He was sitting on a little fire with some unknown friends. “You guys have to get away for your phones and breath fresh air again. The world is bombarded by energies that make everyone crazy. Many just lose their minds. For a very long time, humankind has not been under such an attack. How long it will last? How can you find the source of these energies? Could we pray for real power to help us with this? Yes, we can but we can do something even better: Surrender to these energies. Then you take their power over you away. Without resistance, you are a black hole. You can swallow everything with this like the old Templars did.”

What encounters a Dschihadist after his Death?

This may be an absurd question, but we know pretty well what happens after the death of a person, according to the books of the advisor to Queen Victoria and the successful hunter of the murderer “Jack the Ripper” Robert James Lee and many other witnesses. This is especially important for those jihadists who consider themselves heroes because they have blown up in the midst of a crowd and hope for the open gates of paradise, where many virgins are waiting for them. (In her imagination, the Qur’an’s “virgins” are about 9-14 year old girls.) However, whatever happens is the same: they do not escape the pain they caused in any way. They hang in the midst of the massacre and will live through all the pain they have caused the dying, the survivors and the relatives. Then they will be reborn as those who persecuted them. It is as simple as that. Even Muhammad, the great prophet of the Koran, had implored his followers to pray for him on the “Day of Judgment,” since no one was safe from the vengeance of Allah. There is only one safe path to heaven and that is the way of forgiveness and love. The Sufis, the mystics of Islam, know this very well. All fanatics of political and religious persuasion believe that beliefs could provide a sufficient substitute for love, and they fail as surely in their life’s work as amen in the church.

As long as we remain in our comfort zone, we will not encounter our repressed feelings. But unconsciously we already know why we stay in this zone. The feelings of fear can, for example, occur as stress when we deal with a certain topic. To avoid this, we avoid the topic. But to grow inwardly, we have to learn to act despite the stress. If we want to change or end our suffering, we must feel and consciously perceive the feelings of fear. With this, we take away their strength. This IS real knighthood. The Master said something similar when we find him: “To face life not to look away from it takes real courage.

Thie Historical Temple of Solomon

Historical Temple of Solomon (by Prince Matthew) – The archaeological site excavated by the founding Knights Templar was in the underground layers of Temple Mount, also called “Mount Moriah”.  This is the site of the “First Temple” built by King Solomon (ca. 960 BC), which covered the full territory of Temple Mount, thus running underneath and around all later structures.

Illustration of Herod’s Temple as Replica of Solomon’s Temple, based on archaeology

This is the same site as the “Second Temple” (516 BC), reconstructed by King Herod as a replica of Solomon’s Temple (ca. 18 BC), thus often called “Herod’s Temple”, which was destroyed by the Romans (70 AD).  The top of the Mount in Old Jerusalem features the landmarks Dome of the Rock (692 AD) and Al-Aqsa Mosque (705 AD), adjacent to each other.

The fact that the site of Temple Mount contained the Biblical ancient Temple of Solomon, was confirmed by the 1st century historian Flavius Josephus, who documented that Herod’s Temple was built on top of the same site of the original King Solomon’s Temple [12].

This was further confirmed by the 5th century Byzantine historian Procopius of Caesarea, as documented by the 19th century British Barrister and historian Charles Addison, establishing that “Solomon began to build the house of the Lord at Jerusalem on Mount Moriah [Temple Mount]” [13].

This was additionally confirmed by the 13th century Pope Urban IV, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, also as documented by the 19th century Barrister Addison, establishing that during the 12th century, “the Temple on Mount Moriah” was described “by the monks and priests of Jerusalem… as the Temple of Solomon, whence the [knights] came thenceforth to be known by the name of ‘the Knighthood of the Temple of Solomon’.” [14]

Temple was Pharaonic Egyptian – Both the historical record and Biblical scholarship evidence that the Temple of Solomon, excavated by the founding Knights Templar, was in fact a Pharaonic Egyptian Temple.

‘The Judgment of Solomon’ (18th century) by Castelli on ceramic in Musée de Lille (Detail)

The Kingdom of Solomon (ca. 970-931 BC) covered a wide territory, which included Egypt.  The Old Testament records that “Solomon reigned over all kingdoms from the river [Euphrates]… and unto the border of Egypt” (I Kings 4:21) [15].  In the earlier Greek for this passage, the word for “unto” is ‘heos’, meaning “down” as in “continuing through”, and the word for “border” is ‘horion’ meaning a wider and inclusive “region” [16] [17].

Accordingly, Solomon was a ruling King “down through” and thus including the “region” of Egypt.  Archaeology of the 19th century confirms that Solomon ruled “a kingdom that stretched from Egypt to Iraq”, including both countries [18].

Therefore, the Temple of Solomon, built by King Solomon, was most likely to have been a Pharaonic Egyptian Temple, as the Egyptian Priesthood was the most highly developed and dominant for over 4,000 years before Solomon.

This is confirmed in the Old Testament, which records that “Shishak King of Egypt” (the Pharaoh Sheshonq I, who ruled 945-924 BC) “took away all… which Solomon had made” from the Temple of Solomon (I Kings 14:25-26), specifically because the new Priests under a new King “had transgressed against the Lord” (II Chronicles 12:2-4, 9). [19]

This evidences that the Temple of Solomon itself (thus including all of its Solomonic artifacts) was in fact Pharaonic Egyptian, such that the later emergence of Babylonian sacrilege in that Temple required a military campaign, to return the Holy artifacts back to Egypt where they originated from.

The Bible also reflects the historical knowledge that Herod’s Temple was a very close replica reconstruction of Solomon’s Temple, and further confirms its ancient origins from Pharaonic Egypt.

God showed Ezekiel the Holy of Holies within the Temple of Solomon, blaming Herod for corrupting the positive Ancient Priesthood with negative Babylonian practices of idolatry and blasphemy:  God specifically condemned what the new Priests “do in the dark, every man in the chambers of his imagery… they say, The Lord seeth us not, the Lord hath forsaken the earth.”

However, what Ezekiel actually saw of the Temple itself was not the subject of that condemnation, but merely a description of how it was a replica of Solomon’s Temple:  “I went in and saw… beasts [animal figures], and all the idols [statues] of the house… portrayed upon the wall[s] round about” (Ezekiel 8:10-12) [20]

University Bible scholarship established that when Ezekiel looked into the Temple, he saw “paintings… and other mythological scenes, motifs which seemed to point to syncretistic [combined] practices of Egyptian provenance [origins].”  [21]

The 1st century historian Flavius Josephus (ca. 37-100 AD), who served as the Governor of Galilee, personally witnessed Herod’s Temple (before its destruction in 70 AD), and documented it as a replica very closely following the Biblical descriptions of the Temple of Solomon, specifically featuring representations of the heavenly sphere of the constellations related to the ancient Egyptian Priesthood.

Flavius Josephus, by his own site research of Herod’s replica Temple, established that the Temple of Solomon contained decorations of “mystical interpretation… all that was mystical in the heavens… signs, representing living creatures” [22], and “figures of living creatures within it” [23].  This is a clear reference to the Egyptian veneration of Angels and Saints, Egyptian hieroglyphs, and other Egyptian inscriptions, all featuring animal figures.

Egyptian Origins of Christianity – Templar heritage from the Ancient Egyptian Priesthood is not in any way “pagan”, but is in fact the underlying origins and foundations of all canonical Apostolic, Catholic and Orthodox ceremonial practices as taught by Jesus and the Apostles.

Both Saint Augustine and Saint Jerome, in letters to each other in 418 AD, fully recognized the Ancient Egyptian Priesthood as the original “true religion, which… began to be called Christian” [24], and which “established anew the Ancient Faith” within Catholicism [25].

The Egyptian religion was always monotheistic, worshipping One God as the creator, called the “Aten”, depicted as an energy field orb radiating rays of energy with hands at the ends, from the hieroglyph “Ka” meaning “Spirit”, establishing the Christian concept of the “Holy Spirit” from God [26] [27].

Illustration of Ancient Saints as Christian Saints evidenced by Ark of the Covenant

The idea of so-called “Deities”, “Gods” and “Goddesses” of Egypt was only a mistranslation of the hieroglyph “Neter”, which actually means “Holy”, “Angelic” or “Saintly”, and the plural “Neterwoo” meaning Angels and Saints as “Holies from God” [28].  Oxford University established that Holy people were “deified” by being ceremonially “assimilated” with an Angel, meaning canonized as Saints, in the same way as for Catholic Saints [29].

Thus, the statues and stone reliefs of the Egyptian Temples and the Temple of Solomon were no different than the Catholic and Orthodox practice of venerating statues and icons of Angels and Saints throughout the Churches and Cathedrals of Europe.  The Vatican in 787 AD confirmed “the veneration of holy images” as statues and icons [30], and actually declared that “All writings against the venerable images are… heretical” [31].

Nine Years Excavating the Temple – Many historians concluded that the first Knights Templar essentially stayed underground deep within the Temple of Solomon, mostly not resurfacing except to send for supplies, for several years:

“The Templars’ apparent lack of activity in their formative years, seems to have been due to some form of covert project beneath the Temple of Solomon or nearby, an operation that could not be revealed to any but a few high-ranking Nobles.” [32] [33]

University historians confirmed that the founding Knights Templar conducted archaeological excavation of the Temple of Solomon for a full nine years [34].

These facts evidence that what the Templars found underground within the Temple of Solomon was so fascinating, inspiring, and voluminous in quantity of texts and artifacts, that it drove them to “obsession” (or at least devout dedication), relentlessly processing the discoveries on-site, despite difficult underground living conditions, for nine whole years.

Support by Egyptian Sufi Mystics – During the 12th century, archaeology did not yet have the benefit of the late 18th century French expeditions and Rosetta Stone to decode hieroglyphs, nor the late 19th century British explorers and early 20th century Egyptian Sign List of Sir Alan Gardiner.

Sufi Mystic in classical painting ‘Sadi in a Rose Garden’ (Detail)

Therefore, the Knights Templar received support from the Egyptian Sufi Mystics, the Al-Banna branch of the Sufi Order based in Luxor.  When these Sufis learned of the first Templars excavating the Temple of Solomon, they immediately traveled from Egypt to Jerusalem to assist the Christian Knights.

The Sufi Mystics knew that the Temple of Solomon was Pharaonic Egyptian, based upon esoteric sacred knowledge from the most ancient Magi Priesthood of Melchizedek.  They knew that the Templars would need ancient Egyptian initiatory knowledge to understand their archaeological findings.  They also knew the fundamental importance of the Magi Ancient Priesthood to Christianity, telling the Templars:  “You may have the Cross, but we have the meaning of the Cross.”

Therefore, by this generous voluntary support, motivated by a shared dedication to the most ancient traditions of Holy Mysticism, the Egyptian Sufi Order extensively trained the founding Knights Templar throughout their formative nine years of excavating the Temple of Solomon. [35]

The divine Plan

Yesterday we met and the master said: The storms of energies on the planet are intense now. Stay aligned with the light from above. Your friend is always on your side. You are following a divine plan. You have a job to do in these wired times. You are the light of your world. So surrender and feel what comes up. And don´t worry. You will always come up again. Feelings will not kill you!

Change your Life now!

Throw off ballast and become happy
Manifesting a new life out of freedom and joy
Have you ever had the impression that others are closer to happiness than you are? Many people spend their whole lives with this thought. You always feel on the wrong side of the river. That is why many people doubt their self-esteem. They don’t think they really deserve love, abundance and security. Some people never doubt this self-image and do not allow themselves a happy life, even if it would be relatively easy for them to do so. Others try to work their way out of self-doubt. They manage to develop greater self-confidence, self-esteem and self-love and fulfill their dreams.
But many have tried in vain to change. They have learned many methods, but they have not really helped them to discard their emotional ballast. So they could not ascend to those heights where the joy is simply there, without having to be fought for.
I felt unhappy for a long time and had to look for a solution for a very long time. For a long time I had fought against a deep inner sadness. I tried to distract myself from her or meditate her away. But it didn’t work. Until one day I came up with the right ideas. It was so obvious that I wonder why not everyone knows this inner door that we can open at any time. Unfortunately, one hardly learns anything about how to free oneself from stressful feelings and fears. You learn the new techniques offered in so many guides, but they don’t help because they want to change what just wants to be allowed.
How can we find happiness in this situation? There are certain things we can do.
We should realise that we are carrying around an unnecessary burden.
We should make the decision to discard this burden, even if we believe that we are losing a part of ourselves.
We should learn how to do this.
We should practice this letting go until we actually feel better.
To really change ourselves is not as difficult as we think. Many have shown us that it is possible.
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What are the advantages of Innerflow?
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– You lose the heaviness of your life, it becomes easier and therefore easier to change.
– You learn to forgive yourself and others.
– You get to know yourself better.
– You gain a new self-confidence through self-acceptance.
– You become more and more immune to criticism.
– You become more and more independent of external recognition.
– You attract positive and loving people into your life.
– People who have robbed you of energy will increasingly go away empty-handed.
– You will become more and more aware of what you really need to be happy.
– A path will open up for you that will bring you closer to your dreams.
– By changing your energies you will draw more of the things you want into your life.
– Your relationship to money will improve.
– You will be able to better control your body weight.
– You will find more inner peace.
– You will reach a point where you no longer need to search for happiness.
Who is Innerflow not suitable for?
This process is unsuitable for those who do not want to look honestly at the true motives for their actions. They are afraid that these motives are so negative that it is better to hide them from themselves. They are wrong about that. There is nothing really evil in us, only fears and longings. All people are looking for love, peace and joy, even if this often happens in a strange way.
Whose life can Innerflow improve for the better?
Innerflow is for people who want to discover what drives them, what makes them happy and who they really are. They are ready to go out of their comfort zone and on, even if they feel fear. They want to stand up for their visions and fulfill them.

How does Innerflow differ from other courses of transformation and manifestation? In Innerflow we only use the things that really work. The difference between this and other programs is that here we go to the root of the problem, while many programs just try to polish up its interface. In the Innerflow process we have realized that we must first heal our feelings before we can create a new future. This may take more time than the more superficial self-motivation programs that rely on the mental power of the mind alone, but this delay pays off later because “who builds his house on sand” ends up empty.
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Become a Knight!

What does it mean to be a Knight? It means to concer the inner demons that hold us back. We have to do the next step for our inner growth. What is your life purpose? It´s time to ask you this question seriously. Because we are in times of big changes. The biggest ones are still coming. Be ready! Ask for a life Coach with Innerflow!


T (100) Knights Templar Illuminated Letters

By Prince Matthew, High Master of a Knights Templar Order.

The Biblical Mary Magdalene was a woman of independent means, who helped support the first Apostles of Jesus. The New Testament recounts that “Mary Magdalene… and many others… provided for them out of their resources.” (Luke 8:2-3.) This is supported by the reference that “Mary Magdalene… followed him [Jesus], and ministered unto him” (Mark 15:40-41). [11] Based upon these scriptures, the iconic Templar symbol of her status as a sponsoring patron Saint of the Apostles is her trademark money pouch.

'Penitent Mary Magdalene' (ca. 1635 AD) by Francesco Gessi at Peyton Wright Gallery

‘Penitent Mary Magdalene’ (ca. 1635 AD) by Francesco Gessi at Peyton Wright Gallery

The statue of Saint Joan of Arc inside Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, placed there by surviving 15th century Templars, features a key symbol linking her to Saint Mary Magdalene. In this statue, Joan has a distinctive pouch hanging from her belt, mirroring the iconographic “money pouch” traditionally depicted on the belt of Mary Magdalene [12].

Confirming this symbolism is another statue outside that same Cathedral, featuring Mary Magdalene with an Apostolic halo wearing her iconic “money pouch”. [13] The Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg also features a 19th century painting “The Life of Joan of Arc”, which depicts Saint Joan wearing the “money pouch” on a red robe which symbolizes that of Mary Magdalene. [14]

In the New Testament, Mary Magdalene was the first to be told by an Angel that Jesus had risen, and was specially appointed by the Angel to be the first to tell the other Apostles: “Mary Magdalene and the other Mary [came] to see the sepulchre” of Jesus’ tomb. “The angel of the Lord descended from heaven… and said unto the women… go quickly, and tell his disciples that he is risen from the dead… lo, I have told you. And they departed quickly… to bring his disciples word.” (Matthew 28:1-8, Mark 16:1-8) [15]

Jesus himself appeared to Mary first, before any other Apostles: “Now when Jesus was risen… he appeared first to Mary Magdalene”. (Mark 16:9) Then “Mary Magdalene came and told the disciples that she had seen the Lord”. (John 20:14-18) [16]

The prominence of leadership of Mary Magdalene in the 1st century Church was confirmed by the authoritative Vatican theologian Saint Augustine (ca. 400 AD), recognizing her as the “Apostle to the Apostles” [17].

The name “Magdalene” did not mean merely “from Magdala”, but actually meant “The Tower”, as Mary’s nickname and title of prominence and importance among the Apostles. [18]

For these reasons, Mary Magdalene is widely considered to hold special status as the primary Disciple of Jesus, who the Essenes, Cathars and later Templars regarded as a “Gnostic Apostle”, as well as a Patron Saint [19].

'Maria Magdalena', altar piece by Carlo Crivelli (ca.1485 AD) in Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

‘Maria Magdalena’, altar piece by Carlo Crivelli (ca.1485 AD) in Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

It was only much later in the 7th century that Pope Gregory (590-604 AD) mistakenly associated Mary Magdalene with a “sinner” who washed Jesus’ feet (Matthew 26:6-13, Mark 14:3-8), who was also named “Mary”. However, the Orthodox Church never made that misidentification, and maintains that Magdalene is separate, and was never any type of “sinner”, but only venerated as a Saint. [20]

The New Testament contains two isolated references to “Mary Magdalene, out of whom he [Jesus] had cast seven devils.” (Mark 16:9, Luke 8:2) [21] This passing mention, in two accounts of the same event, does not appear in the other two related Gospels.

That cryptic reference, which appears out of context even in the original text, has been assumed to imply that “seven demons were cast out” of her, interpreted as a possible exorcism. However, the results of archaeology provide compelling evidence that this is actually a metaphorical short description of the sacred consecration ceremony for a High Priest(ess), in the tradition of the Nazarene Essenes:

The “Wisdom Texts” of the Essene scrolls describe in great detail “the search for Wisdom as a female figure”, establishing doctrines of the feminine aspects of God [22]. As a result, in the Essene Priesthood women were given initiatory training [23], and the 1st century historian Flavius Josephus documented that women were given formal initiation as Priestesses, equal to the men [24].

University professors confirm that Jesus was not “of Nazareth”, but was actually called “the Nazarene”, revealing that he was a High Priest of the Nazarene Essenes, the original Egyptian Essenes. (The town “Nazereth” did not have that name at the time of Jesus, such that he was not named after the place, but rather the town was later named after Jesus the Nazarene Essene.) [25]

The ancient Priesthood of the Essenes, which Jesus the Nazarene Essene had studied in Egypt, and of which he was a High Priest, featured practices of spiritual purification using energy centers located at seven points along the spinal column [26]. These energy points are popularly known in other traditions as the “seven chakras”.

In all spiritual traditions, the purpose of all forms of energy work with the chakras is always to “clear” or “cleanse” them, by “removing” clouds or blocks of “negative energy”, often referred to in early Christianity as “demons”. Naturally, the only way to become a High Priest(ess) was necessarily to cleanse one’s seven chakras, casting out all negative energies, removing all blocks, to ensure that the Holy Spirit would flow strongly through the Priest(ess).

Evidence that the Apostles had knowledge from the Essenes of how to “cleanse” the “seven chakras”, is found in a prayer which is featured in the Gnostic Acts of Thomas: “Come, thou holy name of Christ… Come, compassionate Mother. Come, she that revealeth the hidden mysteries. Come, Mother of the seven houses, that thy rest may be in the seventh house. … Come, Holy Spirit, and cleanse their reins and their heart, and give them the added seal”. [27]

This invocation is direct evidence from the historical record of an Apostolic practice, specifically to “cleanse” the “seven houses” to give an “added seal” of connection to the Holy Spirit. This proves the reality of a tradition of consecration of a High Priest(ess) by “casting out seven demons” from their chakras, and that such practice has nothing to do with demonic possession nor exorcism, but rather is purification for consecration of a Bishop.

Therefore, the infamously misinterpreted New Testament reference to Mary Magdalene, as the one from whom “Jesus had cast out seven demons”, in fact clearly evidences that Jesus himself had consecrated Mary as a High Priestess in the ancient tradition of the Essenes, thereby making her the first female Apostolic Bishop of Christianity.

The prayer of Saint Thomas, that the “Mother” of Wisdom may “rest… in the seventh house”, is a clear reference to the highest seventh chakra, located at the Pineal body in the center of the brain.

Jesus the Nazarene taught the Apostles about the importance of activating the Pineal body, which is popularly known in all esoteric traditions as the “Third Eye” or “Single Eye”, and is the natural biological channel for Holy Spirit energies: “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” (Matthew 6:22) [28]

This Gnostic teaching of the Essenes, known and used by Jesus and the Apostles, is also described in Old Testament canonical scripture: “Wisdom hath builded her house, she hath hewn [carved] out her seven pillars” (Proverbs 9:1) [29] This establishes that the system of seven energy centers of the human body is associated with the divine feminine aspect of God.

In the Old Testament the spirit of Wisdom, always referred to in scripture as “she”, is described in great detail as being the feminine face of God, the female aspect which is inherent within God. “Wisdom” speaks, saying: “The Lord possessed me in the beginning of his way, before his works of old. I was set up from everlasting, from the beginning… while as yet he had not made the earth… When he prepared the heavens, I was there… I was by him, as one brought up with him”. (Proverbs 8:22-31) [30]

The Gnostic scripture Pistis Sophia, features Mary Magdalene teaching the principles of “cosmic” spiritual ascent of the soul, through prayerful work with “seven spheres” of energy. [31]