How to let go and what?

We don´t know how we hold onto our shoulders, eyes, and jar. During the meditation, we can exercise to let the ego go out of these areas in order to sink deeper. When you exhale don´t push but wait until the end if there is more air to release. Let go of your comfort zone, dive into the fear of death and let go more and more! Breath out deeply and let go of tensions of the upper body until you can allow yourself to sink deeper. There you will find God.

The Four Riders are coming

When we entered the deep mountains, caves and canons we met the master ones more. “Are you running away from something?” He asked us. We denied. “The people of this world are afraid of many things. Now they have the virus which will act like the four riders of the Apocalypse. This is not a time for none-believers. You stay close to your savior if you have one. If you don´t know who he is find him. What happen next will be determent by how you have set up spiritually. The is something big coming and you decide on which timeline you sit.” We went home in silence. Nobody was sure what to expect but we could feel it coming.

Healing with Ho`oponopono

Never before have so many healing methods been available to the spiritual seeker and many patients in the West. Nevertheless, probably more people are ill than forty years ago. Both Western medicine and many alternative therapies usually deal with the consequences, but not with the causes of a disorder, which then turns out to be a disease. It is rather rare that the patient is given back the full responsibility for his or her recovery. Thousands of doctors and therapists would lose their jobs if everyone could learn to heal themselves.
We live in a world of stress and anxiety. Many people jump from therapy to therapy without ever regaining their full health. They circle around themselves and increase their fears by imagining a world controlled by evil forces. Is there a way out of this situation that seems like a mental prison? If the answer was not “yes”, I would not have written this text or my books.
When I offer healing sessions here that I can do without the presence of the patient, I do so in the knowledge that I am erasing the unconscious programs for each of us, for the patient and myself, as I learned from my Ho’oponopono teacher Dr. Len, who healed patients in a forensic institution in Hawaii by taking responsibility for them. The Ho’oponopono method enables the client to do this for himself in the future. Therefore, the healing session can be the beginning of a new life. The energy body is realigned with the inner life forces and blockages from the past are removed. This creates a free space that everyone can fill with new visions for their future. It is even better if he asks for inspiration about what his role and gift can be in his future life.
This will ensure that from now on we live in harmony with the higher forces that want our best, protect us and guide us towards our deepest happiness.

For whom is Ho’ oponopono best suited?

  • Ho’ oponopono is for all those who seek help that goes to the root of their mental or physical suffering, tears it out and creates space for something new.
  • For all those who want to learn to forgive themselves and others.
  • For all who want to invite more positive and loving people into their lives.
  • For all those who want to achieve the life they really want by changing their energies.
  • For all those who want to be able to control their body weight better.
  • For all who want to find inner peace
    and for many more.
    Healing and coaching sessions cost 100€/h. For a healing session please send me a current picture with a description of the problem and the amount via Paypal to Send it. Transfers directly to my bank account are also possible from Germany.
    The Money-Back-Guarantee
    If you are not satisfied with our offer, you can request your money back within 14 days!
    Lia has described her experience with my work like this:
    “The experience I had with Peter’s session was a blessed encounter with myself. In a gentle but deep recovery, I began to remember and feel what was lost long ago. The joie de vivre and confidence of my childhood and the enthusiasm I had as a teenager, all that came back into my life! I found a new peace of mind in these wonderful but forgotten moments of my life. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be treated in such a sensitive and effective process, and I would like to recommend it here warmly, as well as express my sincere thanks for putting my soul back together again, which could not be achieved before through meditation, prayers and yoga. Thank you, Peter. “Lia G.

The Medicine of the Knights

When the crusader went to the Near East they encounter a culture much more advanced than the one in Europe at that time. The medicine in the west was incredible primitive and engrained with superstition. Therefore there was much to learn for the Knights Templar not only under the TEmple mound but also in the holy land after the Muslims returned as traders, pilgrims, and partners. Today we are in the position to offer distant energetic healing thanks to all the generations of faithful servants who carried the old wisdom through the centuries. If anyone encounters a physical problem that can´t be addressed by the mainstream doctors please ask us for assistance.

Coaching into Ho’oponopono

Coaching with Peter Bernhard: A chance for positive changes in life!
My coaching leads you back to yourself, that is to your own strength and the original vision for your life. Many people are searching for enlightenment without having any idea in which direction the journey is actually going and what this goal really means. They believe that they can reach the light and escape those sides of themselves that they reject. They often also want to escape the demands of the world by dreaming of an island of peace away from the turmoil. Such an island of peace is indeed a legitimate goal when the inside is calm, radiates and is reflected in the outside. Problems, feelings, and thoughts are no longer excluded but healed through integration. We can achieve this by taking responsibility for our lives, by feeling what is inside us and by forgiveness. This is why I use the Ho`Oponopono method from Hawaii, which is unique worldwide and can free us from our hamster wheel of victimhood, resentment, and judgment. Only when we get an idea of who we really are, can we create a life we have longed for so long. Interested readers are invited to apply for coaching; however, due to time constraints, not everyone can be accepted. Please write to

The City of Caesars: The Abandoned Fort

An Argentine foundation is studying the relationship between the rocky plateau known as the Fort and the Knight Templars’ alleged adventures in the American continent with the secret mission of protecting the Holy Grail. A believe-it-or-not story. ( )

At 41º South latitude and 65º West longitude, in the Province of Río Negro, within San Matías Gulf, around 15 km from San Antonio Oeste and near Las Grutas beach resort, there lies the Argentine Fort, as we call it nowadays. I say “nowadays” because in the past it was known as the Abandoned Fort. The question is, in the past, it may have been one of the Cities of Caesars built by the Templars to safeguard their most precious treasure…

Delphos Foundation Researchers  on the top of the Fort

The Fort is a rock formation that possesses very special characteristics —it is a great coastal plateau that reaches 153 meters above sea level. From a distance, the Fort greatly resembles an island.

And it might as well have been one thousand years ago, when the sea was supposed
to have been 20 meters higher and the Negro River was supposed to have had a second mouth just south of the Fort

Delphos Foundation, a multidisciplinary team that studies these matters, supports this by producing maps and ancient documents.

But this is only a complement to the Foundation’s central hypothesis. This apparently desolate place hides a great secret:It is an abandoned city of the Templars that in its golden age kept one of the greatest mysteries of Christianity… The Holy Grail.

Delphos researchers say that according to many historians the Templars frequently traveled to America in pre-Columbian times, so it shouldn’t be surprising that “cities of Caesars” were established in the continent.

The Foundation states that three cities were established in the present Patagonian region: one on the Pacific near Osorno city, another in the lower slopes of the Andes, and the third on the Atlantic within San Matías Gulf, where we find the Fort, which is the subject of their research.

Atlas published in 1865 by Juan Antonio Víctor Martín de Moussy

Cartographic material is one of the strongest supporting evidence of their hypothesis —in an atlas published in 1865 by Juan Antonio Víctor Martín de Moussy, a cartographer hired by Urquiza’s administration, the Fort is referred to as “Ancien Fort abandonné”. In six other contemporary maps of those times the site is marked as a fort.

Delphos Foundation decided to make various expeditions to the Fort zone. From December, 1997 to November 2006 more than 8 expeditions were conducted and oral testimonies and some material findings were obtained.

Cruz Cano map

In one of the maps, which was drawn by the Spaniard Cruz Cano and that seems to confirm the Fort’s past insular condition, there is a reference to white men (“Island of White Men according to the Nation’s natives, in accordance with Quiroga’s travel maps”). Based on this information, the Foundation interviewed present inhabitants that recalled an ancient secret agreement made by their ancestors and some white men speaking a strange language.

Mosaics or “small tiles”

As to material findings, in April 1998 the Foundation’s researchers found a block of dark granite or basalt stone that bears a bass-relief showing an identical-armed cross, which they named “templar stone”.

They also discovered various “small tiles” or mosaics, triangular in shape and with a smooth side and a striated side, which researchers claim to have been part of the tiling of buildings in the fort.

Other elements found are lithographic findings which raise special interest, namely: a coin with a cross, a circle and a kind of crescent.

This information contributes to the formulation of the hypothesis that the denomination of “Fort” is not random but it is still hard to discern the presence of the Holy Grail in that remote spot of Patagonia.

Delphos Foundation seems to have reached this conclusion after reading several books and ancient manuscripts describing situations that can fit their hypothesis. But there is nothing conclusive that may reveal this “secret” as something real.

It seems that once again everything comes down to the personal decision of believing or not believing, clinging to some kind of faith as a shield or closing your eyes to avoid the radiant sunlight that bathes the Fort’s horizon and get carried away.