Why am I alive today?

There is nothing real in the world except you make it real for you. The world just appears every morning out of nowhere in your mind after you awoke. How will you use this day? When you have no idea about this you will just stand up out of habit. You will allow the voices of the past to invade your mind and give you false reasons to be alive on this day. But today is a day when you begin something new. You can travel a new road. But you need a goal in order to change direction. Either an old goal that you did not pursue out of lack of courage or a new exciting goal. You can also return to a promising goal that you forgot for a while out of forgetfulness and lack of perseverance. But don´t do anything today if you don´t know yet why you are alive. The fight for survival is not enough to be alive because your aliveness is connecting you with all life around you. Your aliveness is therefore holy as you are. It’s not up o you to judge yourself. To find a goal you just have to listen to the aliveness in you and follow it trustfully. It will lead you to Fulfillment. Newsletter and free E-Book:

More Self-Confidence with simple Training.

More self-esteem through eye contact
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If we want to have more self-esteem, we should learn to look people in the eye, even if we feel a little uncomfortable at first. For example, when we ask a waitress for something, we don’t have to look away but should keep eye contact – open and accepting – until she answers. If her answer is positive and she wants to fulfill our wish, we thank her with a nod and smile. This will help us to be better served because the waitress has received from us what she is looking for, appreciation. By giving this, we feel bigger and stronger. We can give other people and ourselves a great gift through our attention. We treat everyone like a human being, not like a piece of furniture or a machine. We allow our eyes to free the other person from their function for a moment and feel accepted. What we give, we receive. (Listen to: Beatles: “The End.”) Receive a free e-book and newsletter here1

The Knight´s Path of the Sun

We went today up to rock in order to find the master. There he was sitting on fire with his invisible friends. „What about the sun? Did it have a meaning for the Knights?“ I ask. The master smiled. „Do you remember the scarabaeus rolling the sphere of the shit through the desert? That one was holy to the Egyptians and what was holy to them was also holy to the Templars. The sun is a portal. Big ships traveling right through it into other parts of the universe. The sun is the window to heaven we can see. It is placed in our hearts. The light that is shining in us is lightening the universe. When we follow this light in the outside and the inside it will guide us through the valley of death. It shows up in tiny moments of joy without reason. Follow these drops from heaven. You are not walking alone. The sun is shining for everyone. You must you too. The more you shine the more you have. That is the way of the sun. How can you start to shine?  You let go of yourself in a gesture towards God and allow yourself to love.”

Let´s get more Self-Esteem!

We humans who are not totally awake evaluate themselves. So their self-esteem is of course located somewhere in the zone between high and low. When we look closely at how we do that we find that our psyche is working by generalizations. We take scenes, moments, impressions, and thoughts as an example of how we are. We take negative memories in order to tell us how bad we have been or even still are. We remember failures to explain why we will never gone make it. We can also use our success to tell ourselves that we always will be successful. But where do we look? In Kabbalah and NLP we use these generalizations for changing our self-image for the better. So if you want to rise your self-confidence please emphasize a positive memory. Remember the best memory you have in all details and senses. Take the feeling in. Let’s say you played with your sister in the sonny fields. Take that in. Make it real in the here and now. Now bring the feeling to another memory. This should also be a positive memory that you did not take seriously enough. It showed another aspect of you that you want more. Maybe you think your success or performance at that moment was still not good enough. Bring the feeling of your best moment into that scene and make it perfect. Remember this every day. Let the feeling penetrate your scene and create more perfect memories. When the inner grumbler tries to convince you that there are still negative memories about you, tell him, “That’s why I’m doing the exercise to improve myself.”

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Self-Confidence Boost 1

If you want to feel more self-confident you can do two things right away:

Stand upright straight and speak slowly. Connect your voice with the breath and let it become a warm tone from the depths of your body. You don´t want your voice sound cut off by a tide throat. Connecting your voice with the energy of the earth will rejuvenate your whole body.

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Kabbala-Coaching: God is always here!

Kabalah was the inner road map of the Knights Templar. They used it to integrate their psyche, to go with courage into the fight, and connect with God. They also manifested a big empire of the Spirit that never died. How can we use Kabalah today? I coach clients through the different stages of incorporating and extending the inner light. Please apply for a coaching session!

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