A Healingsession with Hoòponopono

Never before have so many healing methods been available to the spiritual seeker and many patients in the West. Nevertheless, probably more people are ill than forty years ago. Both Western medicine and many alternative therapies usually deal with the consequences, but not with the causes of a disorder, which then turns out to be a disease. It is rather rare that the patient is given back the full responsibility for his or her recovery. Thousands of doctors and therapists would lose their jobs if everyone could learn to heal themselves.
We live in a world of stress and anxiety. Many people jump from therapy to therapy without ever regaining their full health. They circle around themselves and increase their fears by imagining a world controlled by evil forces. Is there a way out of this situation that seems like a mental prison? If the answer was not “yes”, I would not have written this text or my books.
When I offer healing sessions here that I can do without the presence of the patient, I do so in the knowledge that I am erasing the unconscious programs for each of us, for the patient and myself, as I learned from my Ho’oponopono teacher Dr. Len, who healed patients in a forensic institution in Hawaii by taking responsibility for them. The Ho’oponopono method enables the client to do this for himself in the future. Therefore, the healing session can be the beginning of a new life. The energy body is realigned with the inner life forces and blockages from the past are removed. This creates a free space that everyone can fill with new visions for their future. It is even better if he asks for inspiration about what his role and gift can be in his future life.
This will ensure that from now on we live in harmony with the higher forces that want our best, protect us and guide us towards our deepest happiness.
For whom is Ho’ oponopono best suited?

  • Ho’ oponopono is for all those who seek help that goes to the root of their mental or physical suffering, tears it out and creates space for something new.
  • For all those who want to learn to forgive themselves and others.
  • For all who want to invite more positive and loving people into their lives.
  • For all those who want to achieve the life they really want by changing their energies.
  • For all those who want to be able to control their body weight better.
  • For all who want to find inner peace
    and for many more.
    Healing and coaching sessions cost 80€/h. For a healing session please send me a current picture with a description of the problem and the amount via Paypal to stellaazul@gmail.com. Send it. Transfers directly to my bank account are also possible from Germany.
    The Money-Back-Guarantee
    If you are not satisfied with our offer, you can request your money back within 14 days!
    Lia has described her experience with my work like this:
    “The experience I had with Peter’s session was a blessed encounter with myself. In a gentle but deep recovery, I began to remember and feel what was lost long ago. The joie de vivre and confidence of my childhood and the enthusiasm I had as a teenager, all that came back into my life! I found a new peace of mind in these wonderful but forgotten moments of my life. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be treated in such a sensitive and effective process, and I would like to recommend it here warmly, as well as express my sincere thanks for putting my soul back together again, which could not be achieved before through meditation, prayers and yoga. Thank you, Peter. “Lia G.